Black & Beautiful

Black Beauty
Back Biter,
Baby boo …

I know of one & none again
Who conforms to any of the aforementioned ab initio

On one lane
she’s lame, untamed & without fame*

that goes to bitching behind your back & not able to do it to your face

She’s uncouth
like shit’n at her own door step*

& If ur not careful in ur dealings wiv her,
yu could have ur image tarnished before you get the chance to start character building

her packaging’s so good
you might think you’ve got a gem*
meanwhile she’s aLL germ

& just so we’re on the same page
when I said uncouth (crude) I wasn’t talking bout looks too

Her preface is good
till mistakes surface

on the another hand
she’s totally adorable, prim & proper*
the ideal companion
supportive still, with very lil negative
(after all no one’s perfect)

The rigors arise from her high maintenance culture, which you have to adapt to if you want to show any seriousness or taken serz

Its the same with all this fragile beings
& epitomes of feminism
in addition to the monetary aspect
you’ve got to show care & constant attention

Her Ebony tan
accentuates her carefully lettered overture
Her feel on those cold lonely nights
Make any other possible companions miniature leaving you bold in her beauty alone
& the rest of the world to tell their tales of stories untold

I know not about you but I sure do love my
…Black Beauty, Back bitter or Black berry*

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Life with Monique

Shit, that was the first thot as the epiphany hit me square like an angry man’s fist to my un expecting jaw.

This was a chance of a life time and I was watching it slip thru my fingers, like tiny runner beans in a race against time. I know, I almost dint make sense just like the situation I’m currently sprawled out on.

I’m not exactly a saint but yet still, I am not accustomed to the ways of the wicked either. Giving me an option of being at opposite sides of the fence with the people I love on one side and a means to wealth, like a posh ferrari key in my soft palm on the other.

My thoughts and conscience are running helter skelter like those displaced by the earthquake in haiti. I have heard of temptations and the clause about us being above it in the long run, but I can’t trust myself with the rigours of such a life changing endeavour.

Sam and I go way back like branches right back to their roots, times past made times present tick a little further from tock.

As we progressed through life, past its formative stages, Sam’s air of serenity and my charming personality that lingers after me like the nozzle of a daring cop’s gun strapped to his shoulders held high, were like magnets for robots only in this case people, and those who mattered.

When you experience true friendship unlike the titanic, you make a conscious effort not to jinx it by putting it on a collision course with romantic feelings; so I chose to ignore the soft spot I had for her, as a minute medical condition I would live for the rest of my life.

On one of our numerous friday nights spent unwinding from the hassles of working and living in the centre of excellence, at the bar at Rehab! A lounge that was fast becoming a second home for us; we met the Mr. Mike Pierce, the calabari oil magnate with Oil blocks and oil servicing companies spanned across the oil producing states and sectors of the economy.

It wasn’t a herculean task being drawn to her amiable persona, and even before the night grew old in the vacuum of the club house, we were sharing a table & popping pink champagnes to meet the high pedestal he placed her on.

Ideas were brought to the table, stacked so high on certainty with facts that even his feeble mind, almost numbed by the alcohol thought it right to act on.

A month of chit chats, Rehab and business luncheons had all it took to cement the foundations of trust that time built. A detailed proposal was drafted and everything was underway and in motion, only that his chief accountant found a way to make a fortune off this venture and I was to be his key player.

In a carefully planned scheme, I was to disappear with $600,000 with no paper trail, with the accountants help. Sam was to be left out of the loop, since she was the object of Mr. Pierce’s eye and hence his foolhardy spendthrift nature brought to light.

My family and close friends were to have no knowledge of my whereabouts after the deed had been done. I was to relocate to a villa in the cayman islands, already paid for, a hedge fund management firm, with a clientele list of a few of the renowned names in the Nigerian political scene and those behind it.

All that was left now was coming to terms with letting down Sam’s trust in me, scarring her for life as long as true friendship is concerned; but as for the Job offer, it was a done deal, signed & sealed in my hustler’s mind.

October 25th, a date with destiny, the day I washed my hands clean of my past and present with those I love. I was up & away, like a puff of smoke from an extinguished fire place.

Now its Switzerland and their strict financial anonymity laws, that I’ve come to love. Life is spent lavishly on the beaches thr, but it aint complete.

I tried to put my mom on a monthly stipend through a fictitious account I opened in her name, but all to no avail. The Efcc had been put on high alert & my close ties and friends under their microscopic stare.

Life with Monique and its many lessons, have opened my eyes to the fact that I love Sam. The void I created by leaving and letting her down is still yet to be filled, but the $1millon I’ve grossed in d last 7months is doing a good job at sealing that hole.

Just wen I thot all was bearable with the choices I made, my sweet mum fell terminally ill. Money was all that was needed, & I had loads of it with no way of getting it across.

A few months later, and many more failed attempts mama passed away. I hate myself everyday for this, but it didn’t still seem right to be behind bars and loose her too, cos definitely my accounts would be frozen, with a powerful calabari man hunting for my head.

I’m dead to my Dad and siblings, despite my fairly regular calls to then with a private number. Rumor has it I facilitated her death, like a bank with a loan.

Life is a school, each day a new lesson and I, a teacher at least through my life’s defining disappearing act.

cappie’s crap, I aint drab!

you come into my life
& in sequence with your arrival
with as much essence
came the pool of juvenile delinquency that almost had me drooling, one ought to be reprehensible

Let’s start by walking hand in glove,
that ain’t love but close enuf*

A step @ a time is what gets the palm wine tapper to d top of the tree
Only if you’d agree
we could take things to any degree
Slow & steady, Easy does it*

Like a bee, i don’t wanna see
I’d love to be felt like a sting
& have you on a short leash,
like a shoe string not a gold ring

Not some petri dish
I’m talking my main course
while we course thru our sea of feelings
every ounce accountable
Each memory surmounted & easy2fathom

I’m a lil vague
Its a ploy to show just how well you plague my thoughts
not a but, not sum stunt either
this is just me being blunt

I totally dig you,
Like I’m on an excavation
& won’t stop till I find that obscured within, or get that sense of aeration

Laudable or laughable
Its only probably I fall like I’m feeble
pronounced like a perky nipple
are the feelings I hold for you

Only cos I’m bold, I say dis
Else I need not say you’re it
I’m earnestly waiting for more to unfold
Like from ‘on code’ to ‘decode’

Just like a diss is bitter & goes depths,
the reverse is when we’d kiss
I in ur debt & U owing just as much too,
Comparable to Jimmy Choo’s

If I’m to choose in a win-loose game,
U are not a point 2 snooze
I’d be gaming like I was on Death race, the 2nd & my prize not just freedom but you alongside

I’d hold on like sweet November
with December just our near future
Our present sutured together

Enough to nurture the March thru April so we May be in tune just like June,
with enough to rely on to wind up July
& History can always be dealt with

though I have you no more or not yet,
tall dreams are still allowed
we sprout while sleeping
& sorrow never lasts till morning

Emeka’s common but Meka isn’t,
Call this a cheap swipe,
but it’s sure to leave clean the doubts
that another me can be found
Its renowned no need to announce

call this cocky,
All I’m trying to do is get lucky
Do what u always did,
get what you always got

I ain’t promising ‘not rocky’
but the ride sure should be bounty
without a hunter, hunted or haunted*