Tough Luck

Odd doesn’t still quite cut it.


Re-collecting the same tales on the mouths of many, one I’ve heard one too many times till it turned stale, is sure as depressing as it sounds.


Heartbreak, just after letting myself fall in love again, this time with Jane hurt worse than any before, because I had seized to look at life in such vain. Our love was seemingly conceived and I thought deceit far from us, but little did I know or hasty was I to thoughts.


I share just about anything I own with my only brother paul, all and sundry with my name tag is just as much his. I proffered business advices when I had the capacity to do so and offered my wealth of experience on a platter of gold, for him to pick apart piece by piece.


I was going off to school in the states; we made lofty plans that would fill slates, I was committed, I wasn’t about to forget by being an ingrate. It was a two year program and I intended to waste no time, she was two years out in a Nigerian university too, so a haste would suffice in describing the pace in which we hoped time would play out.


Life in its normal twists and turns and destiny a mist, Paul happens to be in the same town as Jane and thought it a sign somehow, like one of the tricks life plays. I know not the nitty gritty(s) but I sure did get the story in bits, unfolding before my mind’s eye like a cracked DVD.


A weak moment, with nice comments and that was all it took to have emotions spiraling roof top high. Apparently I was forgotten in the spur of the moment, shivering as I was, lost in the fur of my coat.


I wasn’t told nothing, but just as I was trained in school to monitor trends and changes, in this case it wasn’t the stock market or a thriving business but my blood brother and the one I allowed to share my heart. Our group skype chats no longer had that hype you get from seeing a brother/lover time zones away.


Conscience eventually found its way to the surface and emotions and body language gave the rest of the tale up but,


Odd doesn’t still quite cut it.