King’s College Lagos: 103 years & Counting

They bite
& only behind us
cos they
can’t stand up to us
I hear we living on past glory
I say, forget that story
the outcome is always the same
from the likes of Ekwueme
thru to Lynxxx
or the blind cobhams
and the rest of us in the lime light
leaving our mark in the world
as we make our way through it
living life in ways befitting to kings
treating our ladies as queens
and the rest of the world as equals

I heard this earlier today,
& its every bit of the truth
Kings college wasn’t just a school
Its was a way of life
and we’re still living it,
loving it.
we remain true
Cherishing chivalry and truth
our one accord
is the end of discussion
Unrivaled by none
I culd pick out my brothers
in any crowd in the world
& trust me we’ve traveled far and wide
dominating all in our path
conquering rough seas & tides
winning any chase against paper
under these blue skies

Hate it or love it,
we make the world better
Cos that’s all we know
nurtured in our classrooms
in our early youth
Kings College old boys
& the upcoming young
Floreat collegium shall our motto still be
And this me shouting it boldly

Meka Ekpo (Hyde J)
Class of ’05

addiction’s tick tock

it eats at your life
leeches off you like lice;
makes you always want a slice,
forgetting it comes
but with a price
that’s addiction for you,
a no respect(er) of persons.
shows up in different forms
you make rational excuses for some
damn the consequences of others,
going with it,
caring less about
what the next man or the world thinks.

I’ve got a few,
they’ve long set as dew
like a morning routine,
mastered with time.
with strict attention to
details lettered to z.
Its like clock work and
I’m always on time,
creating schemes
making up for time lost.
In a myriad of wants,
addiction takes the center stage
self will, a back seat.

so I say all this
not trying to diss,
hell I won’t even hiss a whiff
butt in lieu
of sense perception
aimed at freeing the slave within,
attacking the very beginning like ancient Benin
With Dane guns and the Brits mirror
avoiding inmates
like things driven innate
could be thought a herculean task
but impossible is nothing
in this case,
surrender isn’t a legal tender.
to defeat this or attempt to,
you have to intend to.
With ur foot down and stance firm
if at some point
your stand is wavering,
at least you stood for something
that counts, for everything.

In life
just as we choose our battles.
you don’t make enemies you
aren’t ready to deal with.
victory is for those who fought,
don’t expect to win
sporting folded arms.
my point exactly,
if you don’t break a sweat
trying to beat something
you’d never appreciate the effort
since it was never applied
more haste less speed.

live life one day at a time.
think thoughts through, thoroughly
make mistakes, learn from them.
such lil lessons are not taught
they are besought,
and sure for
only the swift beseech

It could be a lil spliff
or a sniff
a poke or probe
a bet or love for let
manage it wisely
don’t let it consume you
we are made above everything,
Addiction’s beneath me

Tongue Lashing

I will tongue lash her till she slowly bleeds
Moisten her soil,
then proceed to bless it with seed

Chief Priest, invoke Gaia,
do the tribal dance to make the earth pulsate
And then like Vulcan make the earth quake…vibrate

Till it erupts and spews hot Lava and fire
my every touch burns leaving traces of desire
Passion flows,
hell…rivers of fire
and I lay her on lusts erected pyre

I will swim her wetness like I was Poseidon
Come up for fresh air,
catch a glimpse of new horizons

Shape shifter,
I’m now Dracula – I suck her
now i’m Zeus,
in flashes of light spectacular – i pluck her

from mortal realms – transfiguration
Now I’m Hades watch her burn – incineration
Reality shifts;
time and space de-xist, senses turn numb
till riding six white horse,
round the mountain…she comes

Sick Nebula
Like her Gardner, I plant Kisses
moisten her fertility
and watch them grow into wild desire

she calls me ‘sire’
before she sits on my throbbing throne
I am a god playing with two globes

rhyming with her rhythm
her lips quiver like mild mannerisms
in one season she was the future,
i was the present — behind her

whispering thrusts and sweet throes as though to remind her of our past
her grips, her grasp, her gasps

we exchange lingua…frankly speaking in tongues
as she took me in like knowledge
i illuminating her with me

i watched as she sang,
took it slow then sank
like quicksand*


Nigeria at 52

Irrespective of the general opinion, I see a self sufficient and advancing nation, against all odds in Nigeria. Its hard for anything to get so far without faith in its abilities to move forward, just like all seem to have lost hope in Nigeria. Negative confessions and the lot, have their quota to add to the nothingness we’re seemingly engulfed in


Did you know that for the past 13 years we have had a semblance of a stable democracy, until very recently? This is a point not to be skimmed passed very fast; this achievement is a testament to the courage and optimism of the Nigerian people. In the past, we had together demonstrated that the government of the people is an ideal that the people of Nigeria cherish but now some factions have revolted and decided to prove otherwise by inflicting chaos and hostility in all of the nation. Irrespective of their claims and cries of fowl, they are threatening all we have worked for. We have always had our differences as individuals and with our politicians, but we have shown great faith in democracy and its institutions; and that should continue. 


‘Our heroes past’ normally should refer to a group of people who fought for our own good, but in the case of Nigeria’s heroes, they put us in this predicament of under development we’re encompassed in. The Paris club debt was incurred even at the insistence that our Naira would be devalued, meaning to say that posterity was going to have to pay back probably x 100 of the initial loan. Its more painful because this was happening at a time when the naira was at par with the dollar and chasing the pound closely behind. With our country at the then forefronts of the oil boom, due to the crises in the middle east, we had no excuse whatsoever not to develop sporadically because we had the means to thus exiting the cadre of under developing countries. 


We were given bad economic advice by our pioneers. We were made to believe lies, goodwill done in our best interests. The Brits colonized the north who weren’t quite educated then, they had a centralized leadership and were easy to manipulate once you had the ears of their leader. We were played like puns in the charade of misdirection.  


I choose to write from a positive point of view, because all I want to envisage, is the march forward for our great country. You don’t just give up on anyone because of their shortcomings, you embrace them and in the sincerest and subtle of ways, you make your point made. We should refuse to be limited by our differences, because if we keep doing what we always did, we would get what we always got. Attaining the desired heights for Nigeria is a collective task and cannot be done any other way. This is what we should do. And we must. 


Looking at our achievements over the years, I’d love to point out a few giant steps our country has taken and also state the fact, that there is a deliberate move to transform Nigeria from a mono-modal economy to a diversified one. 


Our successful elections, last year, opened new vistas for Nigeria’s foreign policy. More than ever before, Nigeria’s achievements have generated a lot of international goodwill and recognition. We must remember where we are coming from, so we can appreciate how far we have traveled. 


Our foreign policy process has proven to be dynamic and pro-active. Nigeria’s place is secure among many friends in the comity of nations. We are building on that friendship to open up opportunities for foreign investments in the Nigerian economy and to provide necessary support for the vibrant community of Nigerians in the Diaspora.


Clearance of goods at our wharf have been reduced from over a month, to seven days, with the long term objective of ensuring that cargos are cleared within 48 hours, in line with the international best standards. Bureaucratic activities at the ports have also been streamlined, reducing the number of agencies from 14 to 7 and our ports are now open 24 hours for business.  


Taking a look at Nigeria at 52, I see PROGRESS. I see a Nigeria where by problems are nipped directly in the bud or at least some sort of effort is put in. The privatization of our power sector has attracted expression of interest from 131 companies across the globe. Possible solutions to our current power problems have gotten attention from a number of world leaders in power equipments. A memorandum of understand has been signed with General Electric of the United States and Siemens of Germany. Never for once has such a direct and open approach been taken to solving problems, as against contracting out to local indigenous companies who stand to profit from lack of progress. 


Meka Ekpo.