Chronicles of Legacy (Moscow Rd.)

Time flies by so fast, and if you snooze, you just might loose. Its doing the same things differently, giving unique a run for its definition. In a world filled with all men alike, something has to form the differentiation focal point.

Mary’s a steady distraction,
hers is a cause for negligible concern because once you’re eligible and free will kicks in, ur free to mingle. She’s a friend to all, having not a single ox to gore with anyone except the light headed.

There’s a tingle only associated with her, a certain vibe to the exaggerated fuss about her. Moments spent with her are like wild roller coaster rides and that is one thread out of many, in the web the streets of Moscow are engulfed in.

Each man wears his legacy proud like a Jesus Piece, or like an uncle over protective of an adorable niece, and just in the same light, you can be sure of the fact that the Russians don’t forget, if you choose to trample on any man’s.

The Eye Is free spirited, and that goes a mile in explaining his easily wavered schedule and wavering priorities. Nonchalance here would be likened to using the sledge hammer, on the foolhardy fly; not easily perturbed would cut it with this EYE.

ICE just like a dice has got many sides. Some sweet, some misunderstood; sour, some unwavering, some egotistical, domineering and opinionated. Garish, unlike how he sees himself in his mind’s eye, in the parish. Its best to let this block chill, you don’t wanna mess with his all time cool, regardless of how you feel.

Solo is lonesome, like a lone soldier with occasional chats with other officers at the mess. Occasionally settles for less, which is becoming one of his defining traits. Classy & reserved, slow to words and I think anger follows shortly after stuttering.

DEEDS like he has been coined, wants the keys to the estate and is constantly scheming to get it; if he doesn’t already possess it. A man of few words that set as dew and expressions, like those from a captain to his crew. With intelligent reports and exceptional foresight, he knows it, unless he chooses not to be in the know.

The WORDsmitch is free-spirited and I dare say foolhardy too. A man in full awareness of his onions, and in lieu of glories past with the ladies, and a present smitch, with looks that smite deep, he’s moved by what he sees. Looks to be in everyone’s good books, thus drawing attention from him, leaving all unsuspecting.

Kwrboi is so far from the truth, it makes his name seem a lie. Has values set in stone, like strong dye to a susceptible cloth. Incorrigible and headstrong, go a long way in unraveling his total work up. A ‘quantities’ man, who never gets to do as much.

A Na’aba at first sight is perfect, prior knowledge of no such, makes you dig further. Calculated and connected, immaculate, prim and proper. A snake by all definitions, a green smart one by mine, sprawled out on grass.

#1 chronicles of my waffi sojourn

Last nyt…Paris Hilton ft. Lil Wayne** madt beat, rhythm…all ov it

I can never forget in a hurry my NYSC endeavors, its imprinted deep and unlike a tattoo, it’d fade but never leave. My mindset was to get out of my comfort zone, and see if I could survive; thrive. Nonetheless, I never envisaged warri as an option, not even once while I painted castles in the sky. I’m still nursing the blows, that reality dealt my unsuspecting jaw.

Do I start with my weird choice of flat mate? He always didn’t get the memo, whenever I wanted him to STFU. I’ve always been good with people, that’s why feigning this was beginning to feel like an 8-5 white collar job. I crave solitude and a Lil quietness every now and then, I only wish I could make him get that without driving him into his shell for ever; my blunt, witty tongue.

The need to read the trends cannot be over estimated, if only I was clairvoyant I’d have known commercial motorcyclists would be stopped in the state, and that osubi was the wrongest place to get a house. Asides from the distance from town and my PPA, MTN is seriously messing my style up. The solace I derive from my blackberry became relative, totally dependent on the fluctuating network.

Gov. Uduaghan would never know the extents to which he hurt my feelings, countless times. Nothing emotional, just that my feet hurt most of the time throughout my service year; worst is, it aint over yet. True to the Nysc’s objective, they have instilled in me patience and humility; like two peas in a pod.

I’m here now, I aint going no where. Finally taken fate up on her offer, to sit back and see what she holds for me. I’m starting to see the picture now, a friend I met randomly on one of my sojourns, suddenly becomes the Councilor of my LGA, Uvwie LGA. I know its sort of small-ish, but HE promised to set down my roots. Nothing beats networking, so I’ve gotten used to having my fingers crossed.