Start Right

People are out there doing a lot of things to get by and I’m doing nothing but sit on my ass waiting for a big break. I thought it’d be easy to deduce from the fact Rome wasn’t built in a day that life is a gradual process where every thing starts little and grows with dedication, not just hardwork at first. When it comes to success, suddenly everyone is myopic; we don’t see the big picture on the seemingly small canvass. It doesn’t feel like a multinational now doesn’t mean it won’t grow to be one.

Its hard, considering the nothingness we’re engulfed in these days but I dare you to dream big. Prepare possible responses to questions about your grounds breaking achievement(s) in the mirror, and one day that practice would make perfect the success you’re becoming. Make your dreams a reality through constant positive thoughts, believe in it so much its imprinted in your subconscious; then leave the rest the faith which perfects all things as long as you believe.

We have all put off one bright idea or the other at some point because at the time it made little or no sense to us, let alone the world at large. Right there could have been the birth of an ingenious streak of ideas, the murder of a perfectly carved out niche that could have separated us from the lot. That sieve that separates the wheat from the chaff, same one that separates the boys from men. If you are thinking different from the next man you are on the right track. Dare to think outside this box they say is round.

More often than not, failure is a vital lesson. Its a first hand experience on how to do things differently. In every obstacle, there is a maneuver tactic to be learnt & we all know practice makes perfect.


@no1_wordsmith is a creative writer flexible enough to satisfy your varied literary endeavors. With bespoke verbiage his words are tailored to meet your last thought, little wonder he thrives as a media content analyst. Make sure you drop your 2cents when you visit his blog at

3 thoughts on “Start Right

  1. Nice write-up. Inspiring too. I like the fact that were no typos apart from the word “ass” everything else is perfect. Keep up the great work.

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