Purposeful Living

What I’m I supposed to do with my life?

I often ask this question, with no clear cut answer in the horizon. I can’t fathom what part of the greater picture of things I’m I meant to play, and sometimes I’ve been moved to wonder if I’m stuck in the wrong place. One sure way God reveals his plans and purposes for our lifes, is through the natural gifts and abilities that we have been given ab initio (from the beginning).

A God-given talent, or what we often call “a gift,” is something we can do easily, something that comes naturally.

Some people have natural abilities to organize or administrate, while others are gifted as counselors, helping people sort out their lives and relationships. No matter what your talents are, we derive great pleasure from doing what we are naturally good at doing.

If you are not sure of your purpose in life, just do what you are good at and then watch God confirm your choices by blessing your endeavors. Don’t try treading seemingly successfully paths others have taken, if it contradicts everything about your person; as our faces are different, so are our destinies.

Someone out there might be thinking they were left out, with no unique gifts at all, but that’s so not true. Take some time off, think of what really matters to you, anything you’re passionate about and not the ones you do to please people or try to fit in. Take down notes, meditate on them and take it to God; he already promised to bless the works of our hands and expand our territories, hold him to his words.

Proverbs 16:9 NIV
In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Let the Lord establish your steps, do not fight vehemently for that which is not part of his plan for your life; you don’t have to struggle for God blessing, neither do you for his grace.

Do what you are good at, it’s God gift to you.