Little Kehinde’s Story



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Visit the aforementioned blog and relate better to this story; this is just a sequel to the first, outlining the progress made so far in restoring little Kehinde to good health.

Just as the Lord carries the burdens of all those who are weary but heavy laden, so have these people, Aunty Jmad (the selfless blogger) & Ms Alaba (the devoted Corper) done; defending the defenseless, and helping those without a voice to be heard.


I’m learning to be more consistent in life. Truth
is, we never know how close we are to the finish
line when we throw in the towel. I did a little
follow up on Little Kenny to know how far we’ve
gone and when I say we, I mean everyone who
has contributed one way or the other, either by
retweeting, reblogging, sharing the story on
Facebook, offered prayers or paid in money into
the account. We are all in this together and I
want to say a big thank you for the support so
It’s been difficult meeting up with Alaba but
thankfully I met her with the twins last week at
T.Y. Danjuma Foundation and I must say Little
Kenny is a beauty to behold. He’ll definitely
grow into some handsome guy. I did a little
interview with Alaba to give an update on the
journey so far. So here we go
How has it been, since you took it upon
yourself to help?
It has not been easy for me at all. I even
missed my terminal clearance, am afraid it will
affect my N.Y.S.C. passing out but I don’t mind
because all the effort put in, is worth it.
Which hospital is handling his case?
We were previously going to Garki hospital but
recently referred to Abuja National hospital and
scheduled in two weeks’ time to see a
Consultant. It’s sad to see the attitude of some
of the doctors I’ve met; some have been so
nonchalant . One of the doctors said it’s a rare
case but it’s amazing to see some of them
treating the case as though it’s a common case.
For the first time since I’ve been seeing the
Doctors, an Egyptian called God’s name and told
the mum the child will be fine.
Can the operation be carried out in Nigeria?
A lot of doctors have advised he should go
abroad for proper treatment. They further said
a hospital with a Paediatric Intensive Unit, an
Anaesthesiologist will best hand his case.
What is the recent status of the diagnosis ?
His test result came out last week and the
following were certified normal; Spleen, Kidney,
Liver, Pancreas, Frontal part of Brain. The hernia
is growing bigger and another one (Inguinal) was
discovered. Initially it wasn’t visible which
means the neck of the hernia is small which can
lead to death by strangulation.
A brief summary of how far you’ve gone in
raising funds?
I am very grateful to those who have
contributed however little. At least I’m able to
pay his medical bills, food and also ease the
burden of his parents. In a week his account I
opened with N80, 000.00 increased to over
N700, 000.00. I was excited when a group of
mums called M.O.M. met us at Garki Hospital
and gave him some money. Some of them broke
down in tears; I had to hold myself back. If you
see him, you’ll also cry, but I don’t cry for
Kenny rather I cry because of the laid back
attitude of the doctors involved.
What would you want to say to those reading
I can’t thank you enough for your contribution
so far. Please don’t stop contributing so Kenny
can get quick and immediate attention. God will
repay everyone; a miracle will definitely come
your way. May we not be in this kind of
situation, but it could be either me or you.
Please help in any way you can.
That’s how far we’ve gone but I want to add
something. It’s easy for Alaba to get lost in the
shadow and no one will say anything about her;
I want everyone reading this to know she has a
good, fighting spirit. She went to T.Y. Danjuma
Foundation without knowing anyone there; she
just got the information from the internet and
headed there for help. Alaba you may have
heard this before, but you can never hear
enough of it. May God show up for you in a way
you’ll never imagine. For this singular act of
kindness, you’ve engraved your name on the
sand of time and nothing will wipe it away. You
are indeed a worthy vessel in God’s hand and
because you’re taking care of His own child
Kenny, He’ll take care of all that concerns you
including your N.Y.S.C.
To everyone reading this, thanks for sparing a
few minutes. It’s not over until we see Kenny
totally restored to good health. I’ll keep you
posted on the rest of his journey.

Following Principles

As you start turning your dreams into reality, by putting what you have to good use, you must learn to be patient and you must learn to be persistent; nothing good comes easy, without painstaking effort.

Be prepared for criticism but do not be discouraged by them.

Even as you persist, at what you are good at, be rest assured that you will eventually break through and even.

You must make up your mind to work hard.

Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all diligence; a diligent person will not stand before ordinary men, but before kings.

Success does not happen by chance, it does not come by praying and fasting alone.

There is a prize to pay. It is hard work.

Successful people are those who failed at one point in time, but refused to give up.

Those who didn’t attain that climax, are people who had the potential for success, but gave up soon after they failed.

Doing no work is the hardest kind of work; unfortunately, it yields no return.

Through hard work,
you develop your skills and cultivate the habit of excellence.
All successful men and those who excelled, in the niche they carved out for themselves, all followed principles and still do.

Start small and work HARD at it.

Start with what you have and apply the right principles.
Be persistent and don’t be scared to dream too BIG.


#ShoutOut to my friend Dirichi Onyeukwu

who has shown through her undeterred actions, that a woman can do better at what men do, not only if given a chance BUT when you take that chance.

Against All Odds

From the onset, I had this uncanny feeling that today day was going to turn out thus; I had lazied about all day, spent most of my morning sprawled out in bed and was reading a novel I’d just started the night before. Before long it was 2 pm, I hadn’t left the house all day, and I felt caged. Despite the fact it was threatening to rain, and the clouds had darkened, I set out for the ‘fish pond’ somewhere in New Layout, off Jakpa Road in Warri; a relaxation spot, with a scenery and tranquility, that had long since won over my heart.


The time at the pond was everything I thought it would be, except that there was always someone who would want to be all chatty with me. I longed to enjoy alone, in silence, the serenity of this joint. Take in the scenery, hearing but not listening to the sound of fishes swimming, while I read my novel by Robert Ludlum. After having relaxed myself entirely, I Day-dreamed briefly about being a CIA operative on some clandestine mission in Rio, forgetting occasionally, rather intermittently, that I was on some marshy land cum pond in the heart of Warri, South-South of Nigeria.


The walk out of ‘New Layout’ was always the hassle. It was hard hitching a ride or seeing a tri-cycle strut by. I made it through the seemingly long and arduous journey, and found myself a keke headed to ‘PTI Road’.


The destitute by the road side with arms folded, sitting on the square base, of the first street light pole at ‘PTI Junction’, was probably wondering where his next meal would come from. I’m also sure thoughts of where he would rather be, instead of out in the cold and under the rain, were running through his mind. The Lord’s divine provision encompasses us all. If He (GOD) can feed the birds of the air, and cloth the lilies of the fields, how much us made in his own image and likeness? Matt 6:25

With that passage right through to verse 35, I’m certain and confident of both my tomorrow and that of the homeless dude. He will in His divine manner, meet each of us at the point of our needs; be it, scholarship to go do your Masters abroad, or that new grounds breaking job that would literally enlarge your territory, or your next meal or customers for the products and services you offer.


The hustle and bustle, for MOFOR bus always takes a toll on me.

There are no marked or stipulated buses that go that direction, so it’s your intuition that matters here; speed and finesse at hustling cabs, amidst many desperate passengers also counts.

I had gotten used to this, but I was still always visibly taken aback by the scene of touts collecting their matching ground fee, from the rickety cabs and tri-cycle (keke) drivers. If you picked up passengers on their turf, you had to pay up; like I called them earlier ‘touts’, they were always crude in their approach and the drivers nearly always reluctant, despite being accustomed the norm. From the renegade look on the driver’s face, to the aggressive disposition of the ‘area boys’, a fight was always brewing.


The first keke I entered wasn’t going to take me all the way to my final destination, but I decided to enter it anyways because by the time we got to his last bus stop, I would have gotten half way home. Long before we got to the final junction, the other two passengers had alighted, leaving me alone with the mean looking driver with the stench of alcohol in his breath. Unconsciously, my sub conscious had started reciting ‘the Grace’, “May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with me, now and forever more. Amen.”


His Grace was the only thing I knew could save me, in case anything went wrong on this lonely stretch, especially with the way this keke driver kept slowing down and looking into the bushes. Surely, His goodness and mercies shall follow me, all the days of my life (this was one day in my life, so …) and I shall dwell in the presence of the Lord Forever and Ever Amen.


In my mind’s eye, it felt like ages, but I soon reached his last bus-stop. It was deserted except for three young boys, who could be anything from robbers to harmless delinquents, who kept fairly late hours (8pm). In seconds that didn’t amount to near a minute, another keke showed up, going my direction and I hurriedly filled the only space left. I could hear them boys murmuring something I didn’t care to listen to; maybe they thought I had stolen their ride, or were cursing at how lucky I was, to have gotten away in the nick of time.

Frankly, I didn’t care.

I was on my way home, and would soon be on my bed, clad in my dry Jack & Jones hooded sweater. Even the walk into the estate, because bikes had been stopped since 7pm didn’t matter, I just had my eyes on the bigger picture and soon it too passed away; I was home.

Do you know your onions? #INTERACTIVESESSION

Everyone is clamoring, crying fowl at the fact that there are no jobs and all what not, but who’s looking at the reverse ?

I won’t try to sound hypocritical, but id still pass my message across.

How many of us are actually fit for employment? Don’t get me wrong or take this to sound derogatory, because I’m one of your pack kinda sorta.


What’s your relevance?
What can you add to their business? I’m talking about your potential employers… Just the same way you want to make profit in any business venture, is the same way these indigenous companies and multinationals think. They wouldn’t want to take up a total liability; someone totally unrefined, with an inherent vagueness of what smart and hardworking means.

It’s not our fault, life has taken a toll on us. We didn’t know early, these things we know now BUT still, is it late?

You can still brush up.
It’s easier these days, do research…find out where your going, and think beforehand for when you’re asked ‘what do you have to offer us?’

GOOGLE should be your first stop; you can do a crash course, prepare your replies to potential questions they might ask. BRUSH UP your CV, put in skills you have that could attract you to them; the general CVs, but there are streamlined ones….tailored to fit your potential employers. Then just maybe, we/you might actually have a chance.

Have faith, the rest/hardest part can be learnt On-the-Job.

Let’s hear your opinion. 
What skills do you have to offer?

Do you still think you’re marketable? Or part of the few, that have the rare ability of thinking like an entrepreneur & working towards it.

+ Don’t look down on your Microsoft Word skills, coupled with Power Point & Excel. They actually matter; put it down, apply and go learn it if you don’t already know how.

For engineers and other professionals, save up for certification courses in line with the kind of job you hope to get ,or go for management courses. Diversify a little, put yourself all out there.

I’d love to get your feedback. DROP your comments I mean,
before someone claims they didn’t understand; that’s why

Its an #INTERACTIVESESSION, don’t spoil the fun.