Embracing Problems


All birds find shelter during the rain; but the eagle avoids the rain, by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but your attitude towards them makes all the difference.

My Point exactly, is that problems abound and are lurking around all corners. Prepare to embrace, rather than try to evade them.

I have recently been feeling a lot relaxed, partly cos I now had a better alternative, as against hopping buses and making use of other forms of commuter transit, plus all the trekking in-between. The flexibility of owning your own car in Abuja would sure do that to you.

That comfort was however short-lived, because right now I’m torn between the possibility of having to fix a burnt top cylinder gasket and patching up my exhaust pipe that burst; the reality of all this, is that a problem, no matter how little has showed its ugly head and it has to be dealt with.

The Lord, who provided the German automobile, would also make funds available for its repairs; I need not fret more than required, just like every problem that comes with a lesson, this isn’t an exception.

Never get too comfortable with any form of luxury, without constantly thinking of ways to sustain it. I pledge to always put water in my radiator every morning, and report every strange sound to a competent mechanic before I have to spend more resources fixing that which could have been avoided, or contained.

Also, there should be no cutting corners with maintenance;

a stitch in time sure does save nine.

Good Afternoon

PS: More haste …in LESS Speed.

The Farmer’s Grain; The Separation Process

wheatI have thought about this topic for so long, but the problem I faced was where to begin or how to hang my focal point.

I didn’t want to go through the old fashioned spiritual/religious way (even though that can’t be over looked). The Bible, IN THE BOOK OF HEBREWS, says ‘study to show yourself approved and worthy.’

I decided to come through an angle we may all appreciate better in the society.

Karl Marx was an economic philosopher in the late 17th century who believed it was impossible to have a society without class and strata; he said ‘it is impossible to have a classless society’.

Look at it this way, if every man was rich and wealthy, who would be the shoemaker, or the house help, who would serve the rich? For a rich man to be appreciated, there has to be a poor man.

Take a stroll back memory lane…senior prom (no, walk a bit more…) to primary school, not everybody in your class went into secondary school at the same time. Some dropped off, maybe for a year, others totally for one reason or the other. Wheat had been separated from chaff at the time.

Those that advanced into secondary school with you did a good job, but some repeated along the line, some withdrew from school either due to financial reasons or academic performance. Again, the ‘separation process’ had taken place.

Even after secondary school, not everybody gets into the university, maybe JAMB ‘jambed’ a few, others felt no need, while some even advanced to Harvard, ONCE MORE, the separation process was experienced…and so on and so on.

While in the university, during the four or five years of study, there could be a story or the other, failure, lecturer’s harassment, cultism or something that would still separate the wheat from the chaff, leaving some behind or totally dropping out from the system forming the school drop-outs association.

The beautiful aspect is this, amidst all distractions, a small amount of the general populace that started from the ‘day care’ would keep focus and work hard, and make sure that each time there was separation, they would be amongst the wheat. (The useful class).

(Collects pen from Nnamdi.) Hello everybody, I’m not a usurper, just a farmer trying to plant my own grains in your brains. Separation process, a phenomenon as natural as picking beans. The objective is to separate the wholesome grains from the unwholesome ones right? This is where the twist occurs- what if a goat is the one doing the picking? Suddenly the roles become reversed.(if I remember correctly, goats eat those shell thingies from beans) What I’m trying to say here is, if you have been reading this article with an increasing sense of foreboding, recognizing yourself as one of the ‘chaffed’ ones, don’t despair just yet. It’s not exactly off to the dumpster with you. There is hope still. You see, the separation process is relative. Like LordNamdy mentioned earlier, if there are no poor people, wealth will not be appreciated. You, my dear seemingly chaffed one should also in the same vein consider this; it’s usually the ‘chaffed’ ones that students pile into stadiums to listen to. It’s this same chaff that football clubs dole out millions to get signatures from, the same chaff, often times, end up CEOs of fortune 500 companies and employ the wheat. I will cut this short because I’m only a tenant on this page. The fact is, separation processes will occur one too many times. Once in a while, you might find yourself on what seems to be the wrong side of the fence. If this occurs, don’t be so fast to write yourself off. Take another look at yourself and your situation. Look at the farmer who declared you chaff. That you are chaff to him doesn’t make you useless. Just hang on, a goat might just be around the corner. (returns pen)

Good Morning


Nnamdi is a freelance inspirational writer and media content analyst. He is of the strong opinion that Sense Perception is the best form of acquiring knowledge and gaining practically experience.

The urgent need to streamline; FIND that DREAM

“…..Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.” That would be the last line of the last time, most likely at the last Community development Service (CDS) meeting any ‘cliché’ Nigerian corps member would sing during the NYSC anthem, and then the countdown to the Passing out parade (POP), celebrations, congratulations, plenty congratulations. You have achieved a mile stone; another mile stone, after all, most of your course-mate were held back or dropped out, but you made it, Kudos! All this is hypothetically speaking anyways. 

It is all over, you have served; you have a B.sc, probably a HND, a degree of some sorts and then finally you are a graduate, WHAT NEXT!


That’s a big question (??), in fact that’s the big question right before the status-updates and personal-message spaces begin to read “JOB – HUNTING”, ‘bored to death’, “someone help” etc.

Boredom changes to anxiety, and anxiety graduates slowly to depression.


“What the hell?”

“What type of country is this?”


Those are most likely rhetoric questions you would ask yourself or anyone who cares to listen to your grumblings…You print out one too many copies of the CV, the one that person polished up for you, show you how best to showcase your prospects and qualifications. You are looking for a job! Your CV is on every available internet recruitment service, and you have called everyone you know, every potentially lucrative network… You need a job urgently!

You walk into a couple of agencies, ministries, organizations, and offices over time, maybe months, looking for vacancies and to drop your CV, most of the time the latter is the case and the response: ‘We would get back to you, if anything comes up’.

You get depressed sometimes, other times; you cheer up and continue. This circular process could go on for a month or two, maybe less, maybe more. It all depends. 

Becoming ‘holier’ is sort of the norm, cos you embrace religion a little tighter, get closer to God, pray more often, and read the Holy books more than you read your interview preparatory materials and then one day, BAM! Someone asks you, ‘what can you do?’ Or more likely ‘where do you want to work?’ More than 60percent of the time the response is ‘anywhere or anything‘.

That’s the end, it’s over, you may not know as a result of the ‘okay’ you concede to as a reply.

It is over. You ask why?

Because anything is nothing and anywhere is nowhere.

‘What do you want to do?’ ‘I have worked in the administrative department of some establishments as a Trainee office support; that is a potential answer as against John’s earlier response; ‘anywhere’.  


You see the difference?


The latter’s response is more mature and astute. Don’t get it twisted; I am not talking about being grammatically aggressive like the ‘Honorable’……. Shhhhh, yes the one from Edo State, Nigeria. All I am trying to describe is ‘presentation‘ and ‘packaging‘. It is possible Hassan may have never worked before.

No organization wants to hire an empty can; rather, they want something from whence they can build on and lay down firm foundations.


What is that thing you have a passion for? Follow it. You haven’t found it yet?

Sit down and think.

There must be something you like doing.

There is a laid down path for you, the difficulty lies in finding it.

A tip; get a biro and a writing pad.

List out those things you are good at? And how do you want your work place to be?

Do you see yourself as outspoken and confident?

Are you timid?

Lay it bare there before you.

Most times, business ideas drop into your mind, and at the time, the pessimistic mind dismisses it and throws it away because it doesn’t look feasible owing to present financial and economic constraints, hell no!

Wrong move, pen it down, and draw what you need.

Penning down your thoughts helps you draw a pattern.

Over time it has a way of showing you the ‘map‘ you should take.

It may seem stupid and foolish at first but persistence and dedication sure helps. During those spare times or boring days as the case maybe, convert boredom into a useful resource.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter even if you are not yet done with service or that ASUU has kept you ‘tied’; start the planning. Like we all know, ‘if you fail to plan, bla bla bla.

Assuming you are lucky and you know the path to which you should take, it could be make up or fashion, modeling or dancing, teaching or whatever; still pen those thoughts down and plan a better future for yourself. Our destiny really does lie in OUR HANDS


If you haven’t started thinking, put those nerves to work; the difference between the poor and the rich, apart from fate, is truly ‘IDEAS‘ and how those ideas were executed. I’m sure you know ideas rule the world.
Wake up man! And even you that lady; no one is left out here.

 It wasn’t long ago I did myself!


Good morning!


Nwachuku Nnamdi August 2013


**Nnamdi is a freelance inspirational writer and media content analyst. He is of the strong opinion that Sense Perception is the best form of acquiring knowledge and gaining practically experience.

The Perfectionist’s Curse

Hey folks,

I’ve been looking for the seamless things to say; perfectly woven words that would make all the sense in both our worlds, getting people’s rapt attention and holding it for the duration of this piece…but that’s not the way the world works.


We are all striving towards perfection, and no matter how most people feel they’re bordering around it…no one is that close.


So here is all I have to say and trust me I am not thinking it through, cos if I do, the folks at http://www.thenakenconvos.com would present me with yet another writer’s block.


Live in the moment.

For as long as you live, take in the scenery, pen down thought and don’t over flog issues lest it gets tainted, leaving you far from elated (as if life isn’t hard enough)


Truly living is the attitude of those who choose not to be held back by limitations, and the perfectionist’s curse. Those jumbled up thoughts of yours, might just make sense to someone’s awkward situation.


So today, I have achieved two things; I have shown that my blog isn’t quite the graveyard I have portrayed it to be and secondly, you are not the only seemingly confused person out there.


–         WordSmith     –