The Lord is taking me places my imagination wouldn’t have thought of in the midst of hope (faith) larger than a mustard seed.


I don’t have a lot to say, but I’m certain this is going to be a good year. Having long discovered the power of positive thinking and speech, I pledge to speak positively into my year and you should learn to do so too. I’m certain this would be a defining year for me, though ‘life changing’ is more like it.


I started out the year by forging new alliances. There is nothing like meeting with like minds, and conversing with people with a robust wealth of experience. I have learnt a whole lot from learned conversations than I have within the four walls of any classroom.


My 2014 would be so great, I’d be left in awe; I’m convinced this would be my year to do great exploits.


First and foremost, let’s set a few of the ground rules.


One of the surest ways through life is to commit entirely to the Lord. He says He will cause everything we lay our hands on, to prosper. What other better way is there to start the New Year?


Watch closely the words of your mouth, for there is power in the tongue. Garbage – In – Garbage – Out, what you give is what you get.


Never forget who you are.

You are completely different from the LOT.


In order to succeed, PLAN, INVEST and establish many strings of income.

Set goals, set timelines and pray about it.


Restructure your mind.

Most of life’s battles are won in the mind

Find that which works for you.


Pray fervently like it all depends on prayer,

Work hard like it all depends on working.


God will never leave you in a state that you can’t help yourself out of.

Folks are usually distracted by their current predicaments, forgetting to look out for the blessing in disguise or that means to an end.


If your will is so strong,

He will draw towards you the resources you need, to do the things you need to do.



You are solely responsible for how your year and life in general turns out.