Salvation is for Christians too

Oh no
I know i’m a Christian & I shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like these prurient little ones running through my mind, but my body seems to have the upper hand these days; I’m sure this is as a result of not feeding my spirit man enough.

Throwing all caution to the wind, I call her up. I’m certain she would make the rendezvous I had in mind, cos she’d do just about anything to pleasure me.

Its Friday once again, and I sure am thanking God; the week sure has been stressful, I haven’t had time to think outside this box (the firm I work at and my job description).
7:02pm – So I’m having a few bottles of beer at some joint, a nice serene garden with a myriad of options when it comes to what to eat (pleasant obstacles).

I’ve got my android tab in one hand, I’m scrolling through a novel that has got my rapt attention for the past week and my beer is in the other; I like to drink straight from the bottle, especially since I am not too sure of the hygienic standards at any public place.

We already agreed to spend the Friday night hanging out together, what she didn’t know was what plans I had exactly not that I think she would mind. We had texted back and forth at different times during office hours, giving her the impression that I had her in mind despite my seemingly busy schedule.

7:35pm – She pulls into Movic Gardens opposite Abia house in Wuse 2/Central Area with her ox red 2013 Honda Civic (this is the year 2014); Abuja is really confusing, different zones spill into one another and you can’t tell for sure where some places are located.

I flirt a little with her over bbm playing describe while at it; a treasure hunt of some sorts with clues leading up to the prize – me. I’m enjoying myself just watching her walk sensually about looking for me; she’s clad in a black pencil skirt and a grey cashmere top looking exceptionally sexy and official at the same time. From where I’m conveniently tucked away, I see her start to get frustrated with the search…so I stand and wave at her.

The hug is long and needy, feels like a two way street.
It’s obvious I can no longer read my novel, though I’d rather I had 5 more minutes cos I had gotten to a really interesting point.

We have always had good conversations but that wasn’t all we had, it was hard not to notice the strong chemistry; Movic soon became boring and the both of us needed to unwind, it had sure been a stressful week. Next stop is ‘PLAY’, the top-notch lounge that doubles as some sort of club and we sure did party hard. The weekend moves so fast and before we know it, its…

Sunday morning – even though we didn’t have another round of sex at past 12am on Saturday, I still feel unclean and unfit to worship in the house of the Lord; It feels like my sinful nature would be obvious to even the most unsuspecting eye.

See the resultant effect of 45 minutes (or less) of pleasure?
It was good no doubt but I was succumbing to the norm; giving into the pleasures and needs of the body, letting it determine my pace and fate.. Nobody ever got so far if they always gave in to the needs of their body.

But His mercies are new every morning, and salvation is also for Christians too. God doesn’t want us to hide away in sin, instead we should draw closer as His words and gathering of other brethren help us become Christ-like (Christians).


Determine who is in control and assert that authority.
Your mind is more efficacious (powerful, effective, competent) than your body.


Actions don’t define you

I was reading through my ‘Joyce Meyer’s: Promises for your Everyday Life’ devotion today on my Youversion Bible and I just thought to share it with you. I hope it helps someone get the clarity I did; my actions don’t define me and my past doesn’t matter…just my future in Christ.

Topic: Separate Your ‘Who’ from Your ‘Do’

I’ve made mistakes in my life, and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes in the future, but I still like myself. The fact is, I don’t do everything right all the time, but that doesn’t affect who I am. I know I’m loved and I’m still a good person. That’s because I’ve learned to separate my ‘who,’ new creature in Christ, from my ‘do.’

When you realize that what you ‘do’ doesn’t determine ‘who’ you are, you can experience a new level of freedom from shame.

When you know that God likes you, you can start to really like yourself. When you start to like yourself, other people begin to like you too. Liking yourself doesn’t mean you’re full of pride; it simply means you accept yourself as the person God created you to be.

We all need changes in our behavior, but accepting ourselves as God’s creation is vital to our progress in becoming an emotionally healthy person. If we can master this one thing, liking ourselves, it will work wonders in helping us to overcome a shame-based nature.

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, help me to separate my ‘do’ from my ‘who’. I can like myself and experience freedom from shame because You are constantly working in my life.

An average Spouse, NO WAY


The Senior Pastor at Family Worship Centre, Abuja recently started a series themed ‘Making QUALITY Decisions’ and I was blessed by most of the sessions, so i felt compelled to share. This one coincided with Valentine’s Day, the day set aside for loved ones; what better day to give useful insight into choosing the right partner.


First and foremost, it is part of God’s divine plan for you is to marry the suitable partner; His plan for you is definitely not to marry an unbeliever.


What is Average?

Average is typical, common and ordinary (the usual stuff; the norm); It’s highly pertinent that you do not marry an average mate, because managing a marriage is akin to living in eternal bondage.


Why would you choose to manage an average life when you can have the fairy tale life? You need to resolve personally the kind of life you want.


How do you have an above average marriage?

Know who and ‘whose’ you are!

First and foremost, you are a child of God and as such should enjoy the best out of life. Secondly, you should know your self-worth so as to place a value on your stands.


You must be above average

Strive to be whole, not lacking in anything: you need to be complete so as to complement your spouse


You must be a person of purpose, vision and mission

Know what the bible says about choosing a mate; follow biblical guidelines. Try as much as possible to walk in God’s plan and purpose for your life; He is indeed the architect of our fate.


You must seek God’s face and guidance when choosing whom to marry; fast and pray fervently.


It is very necessary to know what you want, so you don’t get what you don’t want; and vice versa.

(As a child of God you deserve to have an abundant life)


Your husband and wife don’t exist in the magazine world.

Those you see and drool over only exist in the world of make belief. A number of professionals have worked tirelessly to bring about the finished product you see.


Get all the information you need about choosing a mate; read pre-marital books, do extensive research.

Talk to couples who have had successful marriages and learn from the mistakes of those who have had unsuccessful ones.

Tell-tale signs to watch out for when choosing a mate?

Hot temper


Don’t befriend anyone who doesn’t have a job (they could easily be a liability than the ideal mate)


A woman naturally shouldn’t be older than the man

(Only one in a few cases does the exception become the rule)


If your mate isn’t proud of you i.e. isn’t eager to take you out, ecstatic about showing you to his/her family and friends…take a hike.

(Folks like this prefer staying with you indoors)


Make sure they get the license before you let them drive your car;

Sex before marriage has the potential to destroy the perfect relationship.


Don’t date or marry somebody just because they are cute, beautiful or handsome.

Physical appearances fade, be more in tune to inward beauty and personality


Don’t marry people because they are rich and famous.

Making money or fame your determining factor has never been a wise move in any venture, and same goes for marriage too. Its takes you too far away from what really matters.


Be very slow to marry someone who is divorced;

More times than not, you only get to hear one side of the story thus giving up the chance of making informed decisions.


Be careful if and when you decide to marry a widow or widower.

Ask all the right questions, and don’t rush into anything. Most times its harder to get their families/kids to accept you than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.


What to look out for?

Seek a man with purpose

Seek a woman who is hard working, respects and honours you.

Love, just like a marriage is a too way street. Find a woman who is equally as hard working as you are to complement the efforts you are making to move your family forward. One shall chase a thousand but two shall chase ten thousand; do the maths.


Do not choose a mate when your emotions are heightened.

Experience has shown that we don’t make the best of decisions when our emotions are in the way. Don’t make decisions in a hurry and


Don’t marry or choose a partner out of pressure.

For women there is a window to marry (between the age of 21 and 30). When and if you miss that, it isn’t an avenue to fret instead start praying to God and believe He will perfect all things in His time.

With Christians opportunity doesn’t knock only once; if you seek out to do above average, God will surely give you above average


Know the person you want to marry from the inside out, so you don’t meet surprises.

Check their families first; in Africa you don’t just marry the person, but their family also.


If you don’t like something about a person, don’t expect you can change that in marriage.


Don’t make the decision to marry alone.

Seek advice from family and those you consider your close friends, who would always give you their unbiased opinion in your best interest.


Don’t be anyone’s resting place

Some folks are in the habit of looking for partners to hinge on to as their life support, cross their legs and are reading to live off you without planning on bringing anything positive to the table


How does your intended spouse fulfil the Kingdom’s purpose?

Is he/she going to help you be a better Christian or fulfil God’s plan and purposes for your life?


Find someone who complements you;

Locate your other side of the coin; your better half. One who helps brings out the best in you, helping supplement in areas where you are lacking.


Blood Group:

If you partner is AS and you are too, take a hike; it makes no sense to go ahead with the marriage and then bring a child in that is weak, and subjected to pain a lot. Also the health implications would help drain your finances

The New Boss

It felt good meeting with my new boss; I already feel like we are going to have a good working experience, in fact I know so.

Working here this past six (6) months has been fun no doubt but the idea of no organisation has left me saddled with a lackadaisical disposition to my job.
I work in the Communications Department of an indigenous Oil & Gas Conglomerate, and the new Group Chief Communications Officer (GCCO) promises to bring a lot more structure to the table and the idea is both exciting and frightening. It is frightening because I have gotten so used to the norm; loaf around, surf the net at super-fast speed and think up new ways to kill time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I never had any work to do just that boredom got a better part of me most of the time.
The exciting bit is that we get to carry out tasks and official endeavours to international best standards. Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to get better at anything I do; I’m already learning a bit of social media optimization and targeted advertising.
Did I mention that my company handpicked him from the USA?
We know these white folks are sticklers for protocol, punctuality and positive results so…The restructuring of my mind that I asked the Lord for is in full swing 😀 and I like it.

Romans 12:2
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Then you would be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.

I intend to walk in God’s plan and purpose for my life, as against the shot in the dark I am accustomed to taking.