Finding Purpose on Facebook

Going through a friend Jake Okechukwu Effoduh’s Facebook post about purpose and the lack of it thereof, it got me really thinking and I thought to share some of my insights with you. One of the things that stood out from a comment someone posted under it was the fact that if you realize that there is more to your life than yourself, then you have found purpose; it could be speaking to lift the spirits of those broken or helping abused girls find their self-worth, or a myriad other things but the one thing that streamlines it is the fact that you get immeasurable peace that you have in your own little way helped better the lives of others. 

Everybody has a purpose in life; it’s possible to live all your life doing ‘good’ and yet you haven’t exactly lived a day serving your purpose. Its takes the grace of God for you to actually like that which you have been called to do, because most people who find their purpose don’t like it and usually run in opposite directions from their calling. The likes of Moses would give excuses why they couldn’t possibly live up to their purpose – I’m a stammerer, forgetting that the author and finisher of our fate already put all those things into consideration.

Your purpose is what you are best suited for, and if you diligently follow, it would bring you before kings and cause you to constantly find favor in the sight of men. One way to know this is to find that one thing that you are so good at that helps better the lives of others, meeting them at their point of need or bringing them closer to God’s plans for them.

When you find purpose, focus is sharper and distractions are eliminated. Sometimes all hell would break loose to make you deviate from your purpose but you need to remain steadfast – unwavering in your resolve.

I know it might seem like these things that supposedly make up your purpose in life might not necessarily be lucrative, and as such might be frowned up but the truth is that once you make heaven happy your needs on earth would surely be met; there is no investment like that in the things of the Lord. I have never seen a man whose worth was reduced by giving to the church or donating to charity or selfless service to humanity; the laws of seed time and harvest have stood the test of time and would continue – what you sow you will surely reap, most times pressed down shaken together and running over.

According to Jake, he thinks that contrary to what many people think, Life does not need a purpose because life is its own purpose; if the definition of life means exploiting all you’ve got inside, using what you’ve got outside as a tool to make life better for others in one way or another? Then life is indeed purpose.

What do you think? I’d like to hear your views on this Life’s Purpose issue; please use the comment box below. Thanks.

– WS –




2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose on Facebook

  1. Incidentally listened to a message on Purpose this morning by Bishop T.D. Jakes and he said something profound. Everyone has got a bucket list and it entails everything we will want to do before we die and he went further and said if you are told you have a limited time to live what you do within that period is very important. Before Jesus was to be crucified, He shared the last Supper with His disciples and after the meal He picked up a towel and washed their feet. That was one of His last messages to the world and it’s simply Service. Our purpose is way above us and it involves rendering service. Like you said it makes people’s lives better. Many of us may be searching all our lives for that big Bill Gates or Zuckerberg purpose, it’s okay but let’s not forget a little word of encouragement, time spent with people can go a long way to uplift a down spirit. You just never know who’s close to jumping off the cliff. Nice one

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