Perfection; the enemy of greatness


“Perfection is often the enemy of greatness”

Would you say you agree with the statement above?
Or see any point to it?

Personally I think I do and the points I would raise/cite in this post are in no way a ploy to impose my perception but rather, to start an interesting conversation thread in the comments section at the end of this; your opinion matters a lot to me.

I know a number of things I haven’t followed through on because I didn’t think it was good enough and wanted it faultless before I showed it to the rest of the world. This is termed the ‘Perfectionist’s Curse’.

There are articles I have started writing but gave up half way because it didn’t flow seamlessly, exactly as I envisaged in my mind. But now I know better. I have even started a couple of other endeavours but fell by the way side because I was too preoccupied with appearing picture-perfect to the outside world and let that hold me back.

Perfectionists are organized. They have self-imposed high standards, and in the role of a parent, teacher, or mentor, they tend to impose those standards on others. They are super-sensitive to imperfections, failing and weakness. They believe their acceptance and lovability is a function of their never making mistakes. Psychologists see perfectionism almost always as a handicap. They see perfectionists as vulnerable to distress, often haunted by chronic sense of failure; indecisiveness and its close companion, procrastination. [1]

Herein lies my point to perfection often being the enemy of greatness; when you have deep rooted concerns like this hovering over you, it’s hard to be productive and achieve your true potentials. Failure is imminent; in fact I see them as a necessary evil, for if I fail at something, I just learnt one way not to go about it and more about what I did wrong and could do differently.

I know every great thing started out small and wasn’t all put together in the pioneer run. Recently, I have found some sort of solace in Thomas Edison the American inventor and business man; he developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world. For the case of this post, I’d focus on one: the Light Bulb. I have stopped to think many times about how many times he must have failed but resolved to keep at it.

I’m sure I am starting to sound contradictory in the sense that Edison constantly tried to improve on his inventions and carve a niche out for himself, but still I have a point to that. In the quest for perfection, it should never hold you back from achieving your dreams but instead forge you ahead to greatness. Keep at it till you make it but never let it hinder you from trying because greatness lies somewhere ahead.

Here’s how I like to think of it: A life spent in pursuit of perfection brings greatness as a consolation. If you shoot for the moon and miss, you still land among the stars. Perfectionists are blessed because their obsession with all things perfect gives them the motivation needed to do great things. They hunt for every error, research all possible angles, perfectly plan out strategy, and execute with precision; all of which are qualities “great” people possess. [2]

– WS –

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Being Morally Upright: a herculean task or not?

Sitting in my living room, eating and relishing this delectable plate of ogbono soup made by yours truly, I couldn’t help but entertain the usual thought that often occupies my mind: what business do I have with an exclusive relationship yet alone marriage, if I can cater to most of my needs?

Of course there are needs I can’t fulfil, like sexual satisfaction but that’s the beauty of not being in a relationship cos this way, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Or so it seems.

If you’re TDH like myself, getting the girls should come easily to you though with more sophisticated ladies, you need more than just good looks; again good for me, as I’ve got more to my persona than just my looks so you’re pretty much on your own if you lack substance and finesse.

Again more times than not, my culinary skills has been an added advantage. Most ladies coo at the fact that I can cook myself an array of decent meals and just get drawn to the mere prospects of having me cook for them. The less daring ones who are subtle in their flirting would ask when I would get around to cooking for them at my place, while others would think up ways to lure me their way where they obviously have home ground advantage.

Last week I was at Nkem’s place to visit and make do on my promise of cooking her a nice pot of my signature Egusi soup; as earlier agreed, she had already bought all the ingredients, chopped the veggies and steamed the meat but I never got around to doing that. Y? I met her in quite a chirpy mood and she insisted we cracked open a bottle of red wine she had gotten to accompany the food while we gisted. One thing led to another and though I’m sure I was fine as 12.5% couldn’t do much to me, I guess she just needed an excuse to loosen up; we were kissing, and in no time I was suckling one breast and kneading the other.

Good thing from experience, I already expected this so I had a condom in my wallet; no way was I going to be caught unawares, as literally aids no Dey show for face. After about two rounds of sex we were both spent and food was the last thing on either of our minds. Yh you heard right, I said two rounds! I can fit two condoms in there, that’s why my wallet is always so bulky; it’s not like I got all the money in the world in there.

There are times when you crave attention from that special one and all these pretty ladies calling doesn’t quite cut it, but is that a valid reason to want to get into an exclusive relationship with someone? I don’t know much about this, but I frankly think it’d be wrong to date someone for selfish reasons. I was gonna ask Rukky out cos I felt she was interesting and fun to be with, not forgetting to mention the part that she seemed to genuinely like/want me all to herself. This was me being selfish again, I hadn’t stopped to think if I was the right guy for her or if I’d Atleast try to be, I was just busy thinking about me and all I’d benefit from the relationship.

So instead of being penned the bad guy a few weeks down the line from asking her out, I decided to feign ignorance of the subtle hints she was dropping and continue in the friends-with-benefits zone. It’s a hard knock life most times for the ladies out there cos what could possibly compel a guy to buy it, if he is already getting it for free? And if you hold back for too long, he gets tired of chasing and moves on.

It’s best to be of good morals and try to do things the Godly way. Don’t indulge in sex out of wedlock, though I know it’s harder once you’ve tasted what’s in the honey pot but remember that having one two many sexual partners would further compound your problems; asides from the body count which seems to matter more with ladies, there’s the issue of sexual transmitted diseases and missing periods. Plus sex is a comingling of spirits as it is of bodies. You could pick up traits or bad luck from someone without even knowing it.

I know what you’re thinking. I should stop preaching to the choir and remove the log in my own eyes? Yh, I have an active conscience so I think about these things too and even though I like to go through pictures on girls phones to make sure they ain’t marine spirits and the likes of it, you can never be too sure. I know it aint easily being morally upright but it also isn’t a herculean task either.


The Uncertainties of Tomorrow


Usually the fact that the future is tentative is unsettling enough, so having something further increase its ambiguous nature could only give rise to more anxiety. I know not what the future holds but yet, I trust that all would be fine; it’s been written that my expectations shall never be cut short, so I have nothing but trust in the sovereign nature of my God coupled with absolute confidence in his capabilities. I’m sure my every need would be taken care of but I’m more concerned about everyone else; as I said in my last post about Finding Purpose on Facebook, when you discover that there is more to life than just you, then you have found true purpose. In case you missed it, find it HERE

I know He causes the sun to shine and rain to fall on both the just and unjust, and that pretty much encompasses all of us but does that also mean that the child molesters and the Boko Haram guys would have their needs met too? I wouldn’t want to entertain such thoughts because it might cause me to ask some questions I shouldn’t, but I hope there is a clause in there that counters this premise.

The uncertainties of the coming year are so disturbing that it should give any right thinking Nigerian a cause for concern; what might look like the do-or-die attitude President Goodluck has adopted in making sure he wins his second term is bound to come with some resistance from some faction, hence the rest of us have to be careful. Let us pray that the Lord continues to direct our path and bless our going out and coming in.

Also, the dwindling oil prices and the zero demand for our crude oil by the United States of America since discovery of their shale oil reserves is going to take a major toll on our economy and in as much as the common man is going to be affected the most, our government is not left out as they have already started making cutbacks.

The question on the minds of those who are not just thinking out-of-the-box, but also into the future should be an alternative source of income because even the government is making contingency plans; the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has also expressed worries about this and in a bid to insulate the economy from falling prices of crude oil the Federal Government announced the adoption of stringent austerity measures. Part of the immediate steps to cushion the fall in oil revenue, the minister said, was to significantly increase non-oil revenue in the country; she announced an aggressive tax administration in which, private jets, yachts, champagne and a list of others to be announced would be taxed. The minister said that the idea of Luxury Goods Tax was not to stop wealthy members of the Nigerian Public from enjoying their wealth but to create an avenue for them to share with those at the lower levels of the ladder.

In the same vain, individually we should also adopt cost-cutting measures; frugality would be a necessary virtue to have at this time, because you would need to learn to be economical in your expenditures while saving prudently, just like Egypt did with grains for the rainy day under Joseph – be rest assured the rains are coming. I’d personally cut back on some frivolities and entertain fewer of my wants and focus more on the things I really need while I try to find an alternative source of income to buffer the effects of this wind of change that has decided to blow our way.