FWC & the dangers of having one talent

Thanks for taking out time again click on the link I shared or just plain old visiting my blog. I know you didn’t need to but I’m glad you did all the same. As is my M.O when I experience a life changing sermon at the ever wonderful Family Worship Centre Abuja, I am always quick to share it with folks I consider friends since we all are striving to become better people.

Msg: The danger of having one talent (Day 13)
Pst. Wale Afelumo

Let’s start by defining a Talent: a natural ability or aptitude; a capacity for achievement or success, Gifts, aptitude, congenital blessings, and life changing abilities. Also, culled from a parable in the bible in Matt 25:14-30, a power of mind or body considered as given to a person for use and improvement.

The five talent person is born with natural intelligence (innate), and most times born with a silver spoon. They seem to have everything going on for them and outlined below are some of the obvious characteristics of this kind of person.
They are:

  • Awake to opportunities (they see opportunities on every situation, because they have exposure working for them)
  • Generate ideas, and have a mind-set that can create something out of nothing
  • They are adventurers and risk takers
  • Profit minded,
  • business minded, growth, increase
  • They are workers
  • Traders (they see the profit side of buying and selling easily)
  • Always trying to enhances whatever they get

The one talent person is that one not born with a proud pedigree, no good head start in life, no natural intelligence and not gifted in many things – perhaps even went to school late.

Outlined below are some of the characteristics of the one talent person.

  • they are unimaginative
  • Plays it safe always and never takes risks, even a calculated one.
  • They are idlers
  • Possess the ‘Consumer Mentality’

How to know a one talent or five talent person or nation is not by where they are coming from, but rather in how they think; their capacity to think big and actualize their dreams plays a defining. Your story could have started out with ‘One Talent’ taking the preface but you can turn it into a 100 talents regardless.

Don’t allow where you’re coming from to stop you; God has chosen the foolish things of the world to conform the wise.

We’re going to be outlining the ‘Dangers of having one talent

The temptation to despise what you have (1 Tim 4:12)

There is always the tendency to despise the days of your humble beginning. You’re a quick to rubbish the life you were born into forgetting that those experiences just might have been the building blocks for the great man you are to become tomorrow.

It is also very important not to let anybody look down on you and don’t look down on yourself either; you are as far as your mind can see and personally I don’t entertain belittling thoughts or aspersions by anyone. In your mind’s eye, you should see in you the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth.

Some of us are street smart but are too busy despising the situations and experiences that led us to that, that we fail to see the opportunities that lie in disguise. Some rich folks, those born with the proverbial silver spoon most times are not privy to the level of articulation you take for granted; your IQ is an accumulation your personal experiences and it’s a known fact that the best experience is that from sense perception.

The comparison and envy (2 Corinthians 10:12)

If you are in the business of comparing yourself to others, you are unarguably a one talent person and need to change that mindset. You think because someone is in a better job, dresses better and seems to have everything going on for them that they are better than you are?

Things are not always what they seem and just in case that doesn’t help in buttressing this, know that every man was created different and we are unique in our diversity. Be more inclined to embarking on the path less traveled, than walking in other people’s footsteps because the only thing you would achieve is being second best at most, and seeing as different strokes for different folks, you just might fail woefully where others or someone else succeeds.


The temptation of bitterness

You are likely to interpret your one talent to mean that God loves you less, hence secretly complaining about God and forming bad opinions of him. We get bitter at our parents for the live we are subjected to and are envious of people who are making it; this only shows you are a one talent person.


Temptations of idleness and mediocrity

Many one talent people easily give up on life and end up not giving their best shot at whatever they do.

With a looming lack of purpose, it is easy to waste meaningful time that could have been otherwise channeled into something else.


The temptations of lack of productivity

If you can write and you don’t, it would not benefit anybody and you won’t gain anything from it. One of the dangers of having one talent is that it blinds our eyes to opportunities and we end up being unproductive. Instead, look at where you are as your starting point and not your final bus stop, this would help in making you more productive.

All is not lost, you can physically have one talent but have a five talent mind-set and this has the tendency to grow beyond your imaginations.

Whatever God has blessed you with has the capacity to grow.

Your history has no final say on your destiny. Where you are should not stop you from going where you want to.

It’s all in your mind-set and perception.

Don’t give up on your gifts. Never despise your natural flair.

If you believe in it, out of your belly shall flow rivers of life. Put to use what God has given you.

Don’t bury your talents.

It would be your key to something great this year 2015.

Here are a few questions I would like to leave us all here with:

  • What talents have I been given?
  • Why are talents given?
  • Have u developed them?
  • Which or how many have I developed?
  • Which of them have I buried in the ground?
  • Which of them can make me known?
  • Which of them can impact lives and increase God’s
  • Which of them can generate income?
  • What am I doing to hone them or cook them?
  • What am I doing to improve them?
  • Am I in a place where I can deploy them?
  • Am I with the people who would be glad to pay for
    what I have?

It’s time to introspect and answer these questions.

Wishing you all a productive 2015

– Creativity increases by using what you have –

Assuaging the nagging pangs of hunger

Photo Credit: Google.com

Photo Credit: Google.com

I had tried working on an Ad campaign I was preparing for the company, but I had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that’s called hunger; I had tried ignoring it when it first raised its ugly head around 10am simply because I couldn’t do anything about it at the time cos official lunch period wasn’t until 2 hours.

Anyways, now it is 12:05pm and I am not having any more of it. I grab my jacket off the back of my chair and head out, didn’t care enough to tell my colleagues in the same department with me that I was stepping out;  if they need me, they would call and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them I went to take care of the stomach division.

Normally when I’m not shopping for anything heavy, I have lunch at Southern Fried Chicken (SFC); their chicken and chips, coupled with a milkshake always did the trick, but today, I needed some pounded yam and any soup that caught my fancy by the time I get to Jevinik Restaurant off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent in Wuse 2.

I’m going to skip all the nitty gritty & get right down to action, sparing you all the annoying details of trying to park my car in a busy lot whilst hunger beckons. I had just rolled up my sleeves, and I hadn’t even taken more than two relatively big balls of my pounded yam, dipped in the healthy vegetable soup laden with many pieces of meat, when I heard a female voice asking if she could share my table with me. I won’t even lie to you, I would have been taken aback if I wasn’t so hungry and hadn’t gone far enough in assuaging the nagging pangs of hunger in my belly, so I just muttered that it was fine by me.

This is usually a guy’s move where we try to start up a conversation with a pretty lady who catches our fancy by any means possible, so you can imagine how clueless I must have been when I eventually looked up from the meal that had my rapt attention to find out that I had the most stunning lady I had seen all week seating next to me. Her smile was disarming and my usually outspoken/daring self couldn’t hold her gaze; she broke the awkward silence by initiating a fist bump (chop knuckle) with me as she introduced herself as Kate.

Once we got talking, it didn’t take long before my attention got shifted from the food to her completely; you know when you’re conversing with an interesting person and it seems she gives life to topics that normally wouldn’t interest you.  Hearing her talk about Gen. Buhari and how easy it is for Nigerians to forget all the atrocities and inadequacy of his government, helped shed some light and remove some scales that had almost obscured my vision from the light that Pres. Goodluck is to Nigeria. She said she wasn’t moved by the illusions of 21st century campaign strategies and preferred the devil that we all already knew: I couldn’t agree more.

I knew from that moment that I would like us to be very close friends or at least something way more than that; it is hard to find a lady these day with such a rare mixture of beauty and brains like Kate had, in fact making her acquaintance felt like fate but then again, this reality found me munching, I didn’t even have to make the first move.



Is it just me, or does it feel like there should be a sequel to this? If I can get 5 comments asking for more, I’d oblige else….

I want to be mistaken for JESUS


Few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago .. They had assured their wives that they would be home in plenty of time for Friday night’s dinner. In their rush, with tickets and briefcases, one of these salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table which held a display of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach the plane in time for their nearly-missed boarding…

ALL BUT ONE!!! He paused, took a deep breath, got in touch with his feelings and experienced a twinge of compassion for the girl whose apple stand had been overturned.
He told his buddies to go on without him, waved good-bye, told one of them to call his wife when they arrived at their home destination and explain his taking a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal where the apples were all over the terminal floor.
He was glad he did.

The 16-year-old girl was totally blind! She was softly crying, tears running down her cheeks in frustration, and at the same time helplessly groping for her spilled produce as the crowd swirled about her; no one stopping and no one to care for her plight.
The salesman knelt on the floor with her, gathered up the apples, put them back on the table and helped organize her display. As he did this, he noticed that many of them had become battered and bruised; these he set aside in another basket.
When he had finished, he pulled out his wallet and said to the girl, “Here, please take this $40 for the damage we did. Are you okay?” She nodded through her tears. He continued on with, “I hope we didn’t spoil your day too badly.”
As the salesman started to walk away, the bewildered blind girl called out to him, “Mister….” He paused and turned to look back into those blind eyes. She continued, “Are you Jesus?
He stopped in mid-stride …. and he wondered. He gently went back and said, “No, I am nothing like Jesus – He is good, kind, caring, loving, and would never have bumped into your display in the first place.
“The girl gently nodded: “I only asked because I prayed for Jesus to help me gather the apples. He sent you to help me, so you are like Him – only He knows who will do His will. Thank you for hearing His call, Mister.”
Then slowly he made his way to catch the later flight with that question burning and bouncing about in his soul: “Are you Jesus?”

Do people mistake you for Jesus?
That’s our destiny, is it not? To be so much like Jesus that people cannot tell the difference as we live and interact with a world that is blind to His love, life and grace.
If we claim to know Him, we should live, walk and act as He would. Knowing Him is more than simply quoting scripture and going to church. It’s actually living the Word as life unfolds day to day.
You are the apple of His eye even though you, too, have been bruised by a fall. He stopped what He was doing and picked you and I up on a hill called Calvary and paid in full for our damaged fruit.


I came across this on a friend’s Facebook page and thought to share, for i have more times than one, thought about being such a blessing to someone that i’d be answering a prayer of theirs. BUT I never get around to doing that. It’s either i’m in such a hurry or want to do my good deeds in a big way, and as such never get around to it. (Procrastination)

It’s the little things that matter.

You don’t have to always reserve those dead N10 or N20 notes for the beggars you pass by in traffic, I try and I can say i feel fulfilled knowing I have given them enough for at least one meal of the day and anything else they get is extra. There are a lot of people in need of a blessing from God and the earlier we see ourselves as agents of His transforming love, we’d find out that more people’s needs are being met.

Let’s be a blessing to someone today, and always. I want to be mistaken for Jesus. How about you?

Please share this, IF you feel led to do so.