Rule Number 1


So as part of ‘The BBM Chronicles’ which I recently started considering more times than not, there is a lot to learn from our messenger contacts through their display messages and pictures, I thought to talk about in passing, the message this particular screenshot was exuding.

It’s OK to always strive to be the best at whatever you set out to do, but it doesn’t always pan out that way. Asides from the mercurial nature of things, it’s a plausible argument to make that in the phase that precedes your rise to the top you had to at some point occupy the #2 position.
Is that Right?
So in essence, the number 2 position is as important as number 1.
I would like to look at #2 as a rite of passage; a phase that is a prerequisite to ascending to your next level.

My friend Kene thinks I got the entire concept wrong, and I told her that I had thought about that prior and was only taking the liberty to explore other plausible scenarios. She thinks the point to this is that, even while you are learning or going through a process, you should strive to be the best you can be; give whatever position you find yourself in your absolute best, even if you are still learning from a top dog. There are many ways to look at the message, she said and we shouldn’t dwell on just one of those.

Considering it’s a lady who put this DP up, let’s assume that she was talking the boy/girl relationships or on the other hand relationships in general, between any two people. It’s commonplace to want to always occupy the number 1 position in your partner’s life as no one ever wants to play the second fiddle; but in a case whereby you find yourself in a rather complicated situation and someone who fits the profile of your ideal partner is with someone else yet seems to have taken a liking to you: what do you do?
They are willing to be friends with you, which is exactly how these things start out and then the possibility of having a little benefit on the side surfaces.

I know the first thought that comes to most of your minds while reading this, is that the benefits are most likely or rather, definitely sexual but there are myriad other benefits that could exist between two friends. It could be the mentally stimulating conversations or emotional cushion for times when things go south, lunch dates, or a few platonic paid vacations just cos you enjoy the company. For me intellectual benefits could be one reason for a mutually beneficial friendship because there is something really exhilarating about interacting with intelligent folks, especially those of the opposite sex. Sapiosexuals unite!

Assuming you had all of this going on, do you immediately withdraw once you sense that regardless of how much fun you both are having, you are still nothing but a second fiddle who’s enjoying the company of someone else’s significant other? Or do you go with the flow and see just how far it goes? Or do you consciously scheme on how to have him/her all to yourself?

I know most of you would say that you aren’t up for any of this, and would rather meet someone single but the truth is most times we think the best ones are already taken. You are more likely to find that perfect person for you by chance or in a friend, who was before then, nothing more than just a fleeting acquaintance.
We don’t choose who we fall in love with and can’t always count on them being single.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Rule Number 1

  1. when i was younger i would run away a be like “taken” especially for most situations…often than not these kind of situations do occur in our everyday life…I WOULD SIT AND THUG IT OUT then if its not and turns out otherwise i would relish the moments…my 5cents.

  2. Nobody is taken until he or she says I do..We really can’t predict what happens in the future or even in a week or a few hours so that person he or she may be with presently might not exist in the nearest future.

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