Thanks Dad

Dear father in Heaven,

I know I should start with praises or what I thought was worship (which turned out to be mere name calling) but I choose to start by being thankful Lord.

I thank you for the breath of life and the continued preservation of that life, even when I was least deserving of it. I remember vividly now my encounter with armed robbers, being made to lie down on the scorching asphalt road and how you still came through for me somehow and in the nick of time too; the timely intervention of our normally incompetent Nigerian Police Force played a huge role.

As I say this prayer, my mind tries to envisage the worst case scenario!

I could have been run over by a trailer or a fleeting vehicle, while lying face down on the road or maybe these folks would have had ample time with us and gotten physical, like using their daggers or shooting someone.

Things could have gone differently; they could have been trigger happy, inflicting bodily harm at the least resistance but NO, their priorities were different and concentrated on bags instead of people and for that, I say another THANK YOU.

I haven’t led a model life, which would have explained why my own encounter with robbers for the very first time would be different from the lot, but your GRACE (unmerited favor) is the only valid explanation.

All of you and none of me, Lord; use me as you wish, even if it means relinquishing my free will. I have relied too much on my own understanding and that hasn’t exactly led me anywhere productive. I am nothing without you, even less on my own; use me as you deem fit.

I have thought too much about my tomorrow. I know I have a say in how it all turns out but your direction and purpose for my life is all that matters.

I am done relying on my own understanding, after all, I know nothing.

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