BBM Chronicles; Moving Forward

This is somewhat of a deviation from our BBM Chronicles cos in this case the screenshot is from Insta msg; but since we are all about sharing our thoughts on msgs embedded in screenshots of our social media platforms, I guess this counts.

So here goes…

I was prowling as usual on Insta msg, the messaging app for Instagram and came across this. Ok! Maybe ‘prowling’ isn’t exactly the right word, and mingling more like it.

Don’t hang me at the stake cos you are quick to think that I’m probably taking advantage of the cyber space to scout for unsuspecting females; you know dazzle them with my verbiage and fluidity of conversations…but that’s not the case, I assure you.
The Logic: If I’m this cool (in my mind’s eye) and I’m on these social media platforms and willing to meet new people, chances are that I might find people with the exact same agenda as myself.

It doesn’t always have to take the cliche route, instead a budding friendship could ensue and you find yourselves making a lil difference in the world or maybe even do business together. You dig.
I have digressed the most  ever, since I began to take notice but I remember now that I was to talk bout the caption to this picture.
‘Burn the bridges behind you, so you have no option but to move forward’
We tend towards laxity when we are conscious of a fail-safe; a plan B incase things go south. It has a way of hampering our will to take that plunge forward, the one most times taken in a leap of faith.

What do you think? I sincerely would like to read your thoughts on this. I feel I see in entirety the point to this, but I would love your help in fleshing it out.