The Right Fit

Ever wondered if your trouser length was too short, or if you had started to take this GQ obsession a bit too far?

I have always wanted to know for sure in a heartbeat, if a suit would fit perfectly, or not. Letting emotions, my innate proclivities to different shades of navy blue and my love for distinct textures of cotton dictate my choices, are a few of the weaknesses I’m working on.

Anyways, luckily I ran into what I’d call ‘Suit Up for Dummies’ & I thought to share as always. 


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Try putting a smile on someone’s face this new year by giving out that designer blazer you’re having a hard time letting go of; I know exactly how you feel, but just like me, pledge to clean out your closets this year.


Happy New Year 

It’s a new year; a new beginning of some sorts, that promises to replenish you in every way possible. It’d be one in which you would always witness God turn your situations around for good. 
HNY! I’d like to use this medium to state matter-of-factly, that I appreciate every single one of you. To my true friends, I say thanks for accommodating all my shortcomings, and for understanding without a doubt that we are all striving towards perfection; & to my fake ones, I know it must really be a herculean task feigning friendship with me, so thanks for all the effort. 

To my followers, thanks for putting up with me and my irregular postings. I hope you know your opinions and comments mean alot to me.

To the Internet, thanks for being a constant source of illumination and an instant dissolution of baseless arguments.

Cheers to many more years

– Wordsmith –