I’m not wearing my Seat-belt!; I ain’t dying today


On the 40 minutes drive to work today, I got talking with two doctor friends of mine, and you can be sure we talked about every and anything related to health and healthy living as time and traffic, or the lack of it would permit.

It has long been ascertained that Nigerians are more inclined to the fire brigade approach when it comes to our health; no ones wants to visit the Hospital unless it is absolutely necessary, and believe it’s only machines that need preventive maintenance. The normal allusion I have heard countless times from friends and foes alike, is that you can’t pay someone (Doctors/Lab Scientists/Radiologists) money to conduct a thorough search, and they wont find anything; they find it unlikely, comparable to looking for signs of cheating in a partner and finding none.

He intimated, after I had asked about prostate cancer, that it is a lot better if patients don’t start the process of diagnosing and treating it; this type of cancer has a slow growth rate, and most men would likely outlive it. Autopsy studies have shown that older men and even some young guys who have died of other causes also had prostate cancer that never caused them any trouble. Frankly, the message I garnered today about PC is clear to me, forget all about it and let it slide; it shouldn’t be my immediate concern. If you have the stomach for it and want to read further on PC, it causes, prevention (which they say isn’t clear cut) etc, click here

On a much lighter note, we got talking about seat belts and how I refuse to wear them at night on the drive home, as it is rather uncomfortable, especially when I have every conviction that I ain’t dying that day. He then went on to tell me about an accident he witnessed; it was during the drive home one night, from Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital to Ekpoma in Edo State. Apparently, the car in front of him skidded off the road and collided with one of the street lights by the side, and was thrown into the bush. Since doctors are known to be selfless and as the de facto first responder on site, he stopped and joined others nearby in the rescue operation and made sure he was stable at the end of it all. On further discussions with the driver after the ordeal, it turned out that he normally was averse to wearing seat belts and only did so a few minutes before his crash, just after he stopped to buy bread.

Seat belts have been proven to save lives, and you don’t wear them just because the Road Safety officials would fine you for not doing so or cos the Lagos State Police are adamant and regardless of jurisdiction, have taken it upon themselves to enforce it thus making you hand out bribes or pay huge fines at the station. We wear them because its your safest bet at surviving an accident that would otherwise have taken your live.



Rule Number 1


So as part of ‘The BBM Chronicles’ which I recently started considering more times than not, there is a lot to learn from our messenger contacts through their display messages and pictures, I thought to talk about in passing, the message this particular screenshot was exuding.

It’s OK to always strive to be the best at whatever you set out to do, but it doesn’t always pan out that way. Asides from the mercurial nature of things, it’s a plausible argument to make that in the phase that precedes your rise to the top you had to at some point occupy the #2 position.
Is that Right?
So in essence, the number 2 position is as important as number 1.
I would like to look at #2 as a rite of passage; a phase that is a prerequisite to ascending to your next level.

My friend Kene thinks I got the entire concept wrong, and I told her that I had thought about that prior and was only taking the liberty to explore other plausible scenarios. She thinks the point to this is that, even while you are learning or going through a process, you should strive to be the best you can be; give whatever position you find yourself in your absolute best, even if you are still learning from a top dog. There are many ways to look at the message, she said and we shouldn’t dwell on just one of those.

Considering it’s a lady who put this DP up, let’s assume that she was talking the boy/girl relationships or on the other hand relationships in general, between any two people. It’s commonplace to want to always occupy the number 1 position in your partner’s life as no one ever wants to play the second fiddle; but in a case whereby you find yourself in a rather complicated situation and someone who fits the profile of your ideal partner is with someone else yet seems to have taken a liking to you: what do you do?
They are willing to be friends with you, which is exactly how these things start out and then the possibility of having a little benefit on the side surfaces.

I know the first thought that comes to most of your minds while reading this, is that the benefits are most likely or rather, definitely sexual but there are myriad other benefits that could exist between two friends. It could be the mentally stimulating conversations or emotional cushion for times when things go south, lunch dates, or a few platonic paid vacations just cos you enjoy the company. For me intellectual benefits could be one reason for a mutually beneficial friendship because there is something really exhilarating about interacting with intelligent folks, especially those of the opposite sex. Sapiosexuals unite!

Assuming you had all of this going on, do you immediately withdraw once you sense that regardless of how much fun you both are having, you are still nothing but a second fiddle who’s enjoying the company of someone else’s significant other? Or do you go with the flow and see just how far it goes? Or do you consciously scheme on how to have him/her all to yourself?

I know most of you would say that you aren’t up for any of this, and would rather meet someone single but the truth is most times we think the best ones are already taken. You are more likely to find that perfect person for you by chance or in a friend, who was before then, nothing more than just a fleeting acquaintance.
We don’t choose who we fall in love with and can’t always count on them being single.

What do you think?

The bitter truth about why you are unemployed

I came across this post on a BlackBerry Messenger Group that I am a part of, and it was very apt in explaining the mercurial nature of the employment scene, especially that of Nigeria. I am a living example of the truth(s) outlined herein, as I am working in a field that is totally unrelated with the course I studied at the university – and you know what: I’m loving every bit of it.

Reading through this would help you develop an open mind, and also aid you in recognizing loads of opportunities in disguise. It would also give you a head start towards developing employable skills outside your discipline and quit looking at your educational qualifications only. 

Ps: it’s not such a rigorous process to drop comments on my blog. I’ve tried to really simplify it, so if anything written herein speaks to you and you want to drop an opinion…please feel free.


Photo Credit: http://www.google.com

Photo Credit: http://www.google.com

Dear Applicant: Thank you for your letter inquiring about positions in our economics department. At this time, we have no openings. However, I will keep your letter on file should an appropriate job become available.

At least, that’s what I am required to tell you. But here’s what I’d really like to say to you – and to every recent economics graduate who sends me the same letter.

First, I know it’s lousy for bachelor of arts grads looking for a job “in their field.” Twenty years ago, it was lousy for me too. It’s almost always lousy. In a way, it’s kind of supposed to be – a small rite of passage to welcome you into the working world. It’s sort of like being froshed.

But if I may, I would like to offer some advice.

Don’t be too fixated on landing a job “in your field.” The truth is, you don’t yet have a field. In university, you majored in economics, but that may or may not be your eventual field of professional work. The world is full of possibilities; limiting your search to an economist job is a terribly narrow way to start out.

You chose to study economics, which doesn’t necessarily imply that you’ll be an economist. Rather, it implies you have an aptitude for problem solving. You’re probably good at analyzing data. You can see different sides of an argument. And I’ll bet you’re excellent at finding solutions to problems. These are essential skills required in hundreds of rewarding (and lucrative) fields of professional employment.

Your ultimate field may actually be in sales for a biotech firm. It may be analyzing crime statistics for the city police. It may even be a rock star (just ask Mick Jagger). The world is full of “fields.”

What you’re facing is a common problem: BA graduates confuse their major area of study with what they expect to be their eventual careers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a degree in history, film studies, sociology, or comparative feminist literature.

You’ve successfully navigated your way through a four-year degree. Congratulations! That is no small accomplishment. But now you’re embarking on a totally different program of learning – one that will last the rest of your life. It’s called “What am I here for?”

That may sound all spiritual and existential, but don’t let it throw you off. It just means that your challenge from here on is to find what you’re good at, and keep getting better and better at it.

An apology, by the way, on behalf of society. We are sorry if we led you to believe that attending university would land you a good job. That’s not actually true. A polytechnic college will do this – and the job opportunities available right now are fantastic. A good option for you might be to continue post-university studies at a polytechnic.

But your university education, at least at the bachelor of arts level, was never intended to land you a job. It was intended to make you a more complete thinker. It was intended to teach you how to absorb complex information and make reasoned arguments. It was, quite simply, intended to teach you how to learn. Those are skills that you’ll use in any field of work.

Open your mind to all sorts of job possibilities. Don’t be too proud to start out in the service industry, or where you might get your fingernails dirty. Talk to as many people as you can about their career paths. Go live overseas for a year or two. But never, ever, allow yourself to think you’ve wasted your time in university if you don’t land a job as an economist.

Meanwhile, be encouraged and stay positive. And yes, I will keep your letter on file. But my guess is that when a position in my economics group eventually opens up, you’ll no longer be available.

Freewill; good or bad?

freechoicesIt is not just enough to have freewill, you have to be held solely accountable for the Carte Blanche you have been given over your life and how it pans out.

Most times I sit and wonder what the world would have been like if we weren’t at liberty to do whatever we feel like.

Freedom from control or interference within the purview of the sovereignty of God hasn’t done man a lot of good if you ask me; though, we can’t deny the fact that we have learnt more from our mistakes, than we have within the four walls of any classroom in Ivory Towers.

In line with democracy, free will still exist as you are allowed to do what ever you like, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s right. The power belongs to the people, and as a leader, you must be made to face the consequences of the choices you make on their behalf.

I heard a man on television today made a remarkable statement; he intimated that studies show that the best decision makers are death row inmates, while the worst are lottery winners. That set my mind to wondering why.


Why would a man who has just gained financial freedom, opening him to a whole new world of choices, a poorer decision maker than a man in captive bereft of any hope, save a good last meal? Could it be the superfluity or dearth of choices?

Let this be clear: both men are free to choose.

Happy New Year Folks


Thanks to everyone who has ever read a post on this blog and thought it was awesome enough to drop a comment or hit the share button, for you are one of the reasons I still make out to time to pen some thoughts down even when I think my style of writing isn’t good enough or my message lacks substance; it isn’t easy to put yourself out there because your writing is an extension of yourself, so I appreciate everyone who gave me a soft landing.

If you’re reading this now, i’m glad we both made it through to this point and i want to tell you (this is not just me speaking positively) that this is going to be one of the best years of your life. Regardless of the trying times that seem to lie somewhere ahead, we are going to prevail and be an example to others on how sufficient the Grace of God is and could be; it could cause us to reap where we didn’t even sow: remember somewhere in Eccl 2 it is stated that to the sinner He gives the work of gathering and heaping up wealth that He (God) would end up giving to the one who pleases Him – In all things, make sure that your ways are pleasing to the Lord and don’t hesitate to factor Him into your every plan.

As for me, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I added a year on the 27th of December and going by the messages I received from people, there is a significant positive change in the man i used to be and they didn’t refrain from pointing that out; most people seem to think I am a great man in the making, while others think I am already that MAN. I thank God for all the work he has done in my life, praying he continues and keeps me away from those things that would cause me to make a deviate from that path.

Once again Happy New Year, and cheers to twenty fifteen.

– Wordsmitch –

Being Morally Upright: a herculean task or not?

Sitting in my living room, eating and relishing this delectable plate of ogbono soup made by yours truly, I couldn’t help but entertain the usual thought that often occupies my mind: what business do I have with an exclusive relationship yet alone marriage, if I can cater to most of my needs?

Of course there are needs I can’t fulfil, like sexual satisfaction but that’s the beauty of not being in a relationship cos this way, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Or so it seems.

If you’re TDH like myself, getting the girls should come easily to you though with more sophisticated ladies, you need more than just good looks; again good for me, as I’ve got more to my persona than just my looks so you’re pretty much on your own if you lack substance and finesse.

Again more times than not, my culinary skills has been an added advantage. Most ladies coo at the fact that I can cook myself an array of decent meals and just get drawn to the mere prospects of having me cook for them. The less daring ones who are subtle in their flirting would ask when I would get around to cooking for them at my place, while others would think up ways to lure me their way where they obviously have home ground advantage.

Last week I was at Nkem’s place to visit and make do on my promise of cooking her a nice pot of my signature Egusi soup; as earlier agreed, she had already bought all the ingredients, chopped the veggies and steamed the meat but I never got around to doing that. Y? I met her in quite a chirpy mood and she insisted we cracked open a bottle of red wine she had gotten to accompany the food while we gisted. One thing led to another and though I’m sure I was fine as 12.5% couldn’t do much to me, I guess she just needed an excuse to loosen up; we were kissing, and in no time I was suckling one breast and kneading the other.

Good thing from experience, I already expected this so I had a condom in my wallet; no way was I going to be caught unawares, as literally aids no Dey show for face. After about two rounds of sex we were both spent and food was the last thing on either of our minds. Yh you heard right, I said two rounds! I can fit two condoms in there, that’s why my wallet is always so bulky; it’s not like I got all the money in the world in there.

There are times when you crave attention from that special one and all these pretty ladies calling doesn’t quite cut it, but is that a valid reason to want to get into an exclusive relationship with someone? I don’t know much about this, but I frankly think it’d be wrong to date someone for selfish reasons. I was gonna ask Rukky out cos I felt she was interesting and fun to be with, not forgetting to mention the part that she seemed to genuinely like/want me all to herself. This was me being selfish again, I hadn’t stopped to think if I was the right guy for her or if I’d Atleast try to be, I was just busy thinking about me and all I’d benefit from the relationship.

So instead of being penned the bad guy a few weeks down the line from asking her out, I decided to feign ignorance of the subtle hints she was dropping and continue in the friends-with-benefits zone. It’s a hard knock life most times for the ladies out there cos what could possibly compel a guy to buy it, if he is already getting it for free? And if you hold back for too long, he gets tired of chasing and moves on.

It’s best to be of good morals and try to do things the Godly way. Don’t indulge in sex out of wedlock, though I know it’s harder once you’ve tasted what’s in the honey pot but remember that having one two many sexual partners would further compound your problems; asides from the body count which seems to matter more with ladies, there’s the issue of sexual transmitted diseases and missing periods. Plus sex is a comingling of spirits as it is of bodies. You could pick up traits or bad luck from someone without even knowing it.

I know what you’re thinking. I should stop preaching to the choir and remove the log in my own eyes? Yh, I have an active conscience so I think about these things too and even though I like to go through pictures on girls phones to make sure they ain’t marine spirits and the likes of it, you can never be too sure. I know it aint easily being morally upright but it also isn’t a herculean task either.


The Uncertainties of Tomorrow


Usually the fact that the future is tentative is unsettling enough, so having something further increase its ambiguous nature could only give rise to more anxiety. I know not what the future holds but yet, I trust that all would be fine; it’s been written that my expectations shall never be cut short, so I have nothing but trust in the sovereign nature of my God coupled with absolute confidence in his capabilities. I’m sure my every need would be taken care of but I’m more concerned about everyone else; as I said in my last post about Finding Purpose on Facebook, when you discover that there is more to life than just you, then you have found true purpose. In case you missed it, find it HERE

I know He causes the sun to shine and rain to fall on both the just and unjust, and that pretty much encompasses all of us but does that also mean that the child molesters and the Boko Haram guys would have their needs met too? I wouldn’t want to entertain such thoughts because it might cause me to ask some questions I shouldn’t, but I hope there is a clause in there that counters this premise.

The uncertainties of the coming year are so disturbing that it should give any right thinking Nigerian a cause for concern; what might look like the do-or-die attitude President Goodluck has adopted in making sure he wins his second term is bound to come with some resistance from some faction, hence the rest of us have to be careful. Let us pray that the Lord continues to direct our path and bless our going out and coming in.

Also, the dwindling oil prices and the zero demand for our crude oil by the United States of America since discovery of their shale oil reserves is going to take a major toll on our economy and in as much as the common man is going to be affected the most, our government is not left out as they have already started making cutbacks.

The question on the minds of those who are not just thinking out-of-the-box, but also into the future should be an alternative source of income because even the government is making contingency plans; the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has also expressed worries about this and in a bid to insulate the economy from falling prices of crude oil the Federal Government announced the adoption of stringent austerity measures. Part of the immediate steps to cushion the fall in oil revenue, the minister said, was to significantly increase non-oil revenue in the country; she announced an aggressive tax administration in which, private jets, yachts, champagne and a list of others to be announced would be taxed. The minister said that the idea of Luxury Goods Tax was not to stop wealthy members of the Nigerian Public from enjoying their wealth but to create an avenue for them to share with those at the lower levels of the ladder.

In the same vain, individually we should also adopt cost-cutting measures; frugality would be a necessary virtue to have at this time, because you would need to learn to be economical in your expenditures while saving prudently, just like Egypt did with grains for the rainy day under Joseph – be rest assured the rains are coming. I’d personally cut back on some frivolities and entertain fewer of my wants and focus more on the things I really need while I try to find an alternative source of income to buffer the effects of this wind of change that has decided to blow our way.