The Chronicles of a Traveling Publicist; Ghana


Considering the proximity to Ghana from Nigeria, I’m sure it’d be understandable if this particular account is just a little over three paragraphs long.

The flight time from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana took only an hour forty five minutes (1hr 45mins); we had barely finished having brunch, a rather tasty meal of Jollof Rice and well marinated chicken, just as we started descending. The time wasted at the VVIP Section of the airport was the longest ever we had to wait in any country we had been to, I’d like to chuck it up to the inherent beef I hear Ghanaian people have for Nigerians; It is easy to believe we are pompous, constantly thinking we are better than they are.

Accra_xxxxxxxxx_i111599_05They offered no assistance in providing a phone number for the biggest and best hotel in Accra, so instead, we had to roam our phone lines and surfed the internet at an exorbitant rate to get that information. 15 minutes after that phone call, there was a Mercedes Benz Luxury Van bearing the ‘Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra’ brand, with a cart attached to it for our luggage.


Accra_xxxxxxxxx_i111608_07Check-in was smooth and the rooms quite impressive. I was particularly intrigued by the pillows, they had a way of sending me off to dream land in record time. A lot of thought obviously went into planning the layout of the rooms; there was a DVD player attached to the 40″ Samsung TV, a star shaped mirror hanging on the wall close the reading table and the beautiful abstract painting just above your headboard.

Accra_xxxxxxxxx_i116505_1700X490The scenery of the Poolside and Outdoor Bar & Restaurant let off this serenity that left you completely unruffled; I’m guessing it is very ideal for those vacationing. The waiters moved around in roller skates, taking orders and serving guests and with the ease at which they moved  up and about, I was forced to ask one of them when last he or any of his colleagues fell. This was a conversation I sparked up while he served me my grilled chicken and chips, with coleslaw on the side and a bottle of their Club Premium Lager, the signature beer for them in Ghana. I and my colleague chatted for what seemed like a bit, because the hours rolled by with ease. Accra_xxxxxxxxx_i113209_05

Once my head hit the pillow, I was off; fast-forward eight hours, we were already checking out and before long we had boarded the already steaming plane after, the short stint at immigration. Ghana was fun even though I didn’t quite leave the hotel, but they still owe me one hour due to time difference. I haven’t been able to account for that till now.

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