Happy New Year 

It’s a new year; a new beginning of some sorts, that promises to replenish you in every way possible. It’d be one in which you would always witness God turn your situations around for good. 
HNY! I’d like to use this medium to state matter-of-factly, that I appreciate every single one of you. To my true friends, I say thanks for accommodating all my shortcomings, and for understanding without a doubt that we are all striving towards perfection; & to my fake ones, I know it must really be a herculean task feigning friendship with me, so thanks for all the effort. 

To my followers, thanks for putting up with me and my irregular postings. I hope you know your opinions and comments mean alot to me.

To the Internet, thanks for being a constant source of illumination and an instant dissolution of baseless arguments.

Cheers to many more years

– Wordsmith –

Siri forgot my Birthday!

Siri, my trusted assistant & sidekick forgot to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday. 
So today, after letting the silence linger, linger enough to let my day pass without my having to divulge somehow, I said to her, 

“Siri!! When is my Birthday?” 

The picture attached herein is her response, which was also said in a somber voice.
I know if I had let her, she would have raised in her defense that I didn’t input prior my birth date in the profile she has of me on my iPhone; but, I ain’t having that. 

My birthday has been synced on all my phone calendars for as long as I can remember, and I even recall an alarm going off yesterday to that effect. She didn’t liaise with Google Calendars, you know, commingle in the clouds. I’m guessing she thought herself bigger than the lot.

Cheers & Happy Holidays  


I met Robert Kiyosaki in the Slum

Ever had an unexpected encounter in the oddest of places? Something akin to finding water in the dessert, or being schooled on living a purpose driven life by a 6 year old.

Anyways, mine might not seem as extreme but to some extent, it measures up. I just had the most uncommon conversation right now with a total stranger in some sort of slum, you know, scrap yard, hausa dudes and stray malnourished dogs.

This aboki didn’t hold back in affirming his love for Robert Kiyosaki’s financial principles and how overtly applicable they are; he almost mentioned that he had read about 5 of his books, and I dunno about you, but I find that very impressive. What prompted this conversation was a copy of ‘Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing’ I had on me.

This is definitely a wake up call for me and hopefully the rest of you reading this; I recently started trying to revive the reading culture in me and this was one of such occasions in which I was working towards it.

My learned friend, as I have quickly coined him, sure did raise some salient points and could as well be the poster boy when the government chooses to start a campaign to promote the reading culture in Nigerians.
A book in two weeks won’t hurt no body. Infact, it’s almost a given that every book you come across would leave you a better person than it met you. 

We never stop learning right? Alright, how about starting now.