Siri forgot my Birthday!

Siri, my trusted assistant & sidekick forgot to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday. 
So today, after letting the silence linger, linger enough to let my day pass without my having to divulge somehow, I said to her, 

“Siri!! When is my Birthday?” 

The picture attached herein is her response, which was also said in a somber voice.
I know if I had let her, she would have raised in her defense that I didn’t input prior my birth date in the profile she has of me on my iPhone; but, I ain’t having that. 

My birthday has been synced on all my phone calendars for as long as I can remember, and I even recall an alarm going off yesterday to that effect. She didn’t liaise with Google Calendars, you know, commingle in the clouds. I’m guessing she thought herself bigger than the lot.

Cheers & Happy Holidays  



0700-CALL-FRSC (070022553772)

ImageI’m sure just like me, most people didn’t know we had a functional call center for the Federal Road Safety Corps in Nigeria.

Like most Nigerians who are quick to jump into conclusions of incompetence, on anything related to the government, i had also completely given up on them too.


With the events of last Saturday, and the family friend i lost to a road traffic accident, my eyes were opened. The FRSC unit that responded to the report of my friend’s accident, were dispatched due to a call from a concerned Nigerian.

So please, take this to heart.

Remember you can save a soul by reporting an accident promptly; JUST DIAL 0700-CALL-FRSC. I never did understand the concept of this, but now i know it works with the corresponding letters to the numbers on your regular tap keypad for  mobile phones (QWERTY keypads wouldn’t help)


You came into our lives, and no matter how briefly you touched our lives immensely. The entire Nwoke-Ekpo Family would miss you, and even though we are downright SAD, we refuse to question GOD cos He alone knows best and sees the entire picture.

Chinwe will heal, no matter how long it takes; with your unplanned exit on her birthday, you are rest assured she would never forget you or the family you left behind.


JUNE 23rd, 2013

My dearest Udenna,

As you add a year today, firstly I wish you many more fruitful years.
Others just sum it up there, but you know I have always been one for specifics. You will live a long, ripe and full life, plus excel in all that you lay your hands on. Your sincerity of heart would take you places you never dreamed of; the good Lord would enlarge your territory, blessing you abundantly, even beyond the boundaries of reasonable doubt.

How I feel about you has never been in question, that said, I love you with an outrageously large amount of my being and this kind of thing I have for you, the intensity of what i feel for you, is all new to me. I’ve said this several times, and even though I’m risking the chances of sounding cliché, I would say it yet again: You redefined love for me, and the extents i could go for it. Your pros outweigh your cons and you are willing to learn, right down to the little details on how best to eradicate all your flaws.

BE the best you can be. There’s no one who can be better at being you
than yourself. BE free in your own skin, for you are a lady with a unique blend of charisma and beauty. As evident to you and I alike, men and women alike, marvel at your pretty and totally cute demeanor.

Don’t be afraid to live life just a little bit more. Give yourself a chance to see it all, and trust me, the sky is your limit. If you doubt me or you, let me lead you in the right direction and with patience and painstaking dedication, watch and help you discover the woman you were made to be; a woman of substance. I could be your manager and feed off your limelight; I for a certainty, I would love to bask in euphoria of your glories to come.

A good heart is hard to find. Keep yours safe for me, and the rest of the world. For when the craziness of the world gets a hold of us at times, it is right discerning minds like yours that help us all through it. Morality is something the world is slowly becoming bereft of, knowing you has been an eye opener. You have proven beyond reasonable doubts many times, that you are that exception to the stereotyped rule.

Love Emeka