Uber Chronicles: Mth2Wk2


I love the nightlife more these days.

I’m endeared to the dark starry skies a lot more than I ever envisaged prior. With me, taking in the scenery and appreciating nature in all its splendor happens by default, and if it were just the vast lands of uniform green areas, or the beautiful flowers adorning some sidewalks in the Federal Capital, it’d be easier to understand. Instead, I find even the littlest of details appealing.

The streetlights along the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Road, Abuja have even brought their quota to the mix.

You know what they say about intelligent minds and finding it hard falling asleep? Yh, that’s usually my story, though, this is one plague I would never pray to rid myself off especially with how much more King Solomon got by just asking for wisdom.

So to kill two birds with one stone, I take my mind and all that’s on it for a long ass drive while I get paid in the process, all thanks to Uber while at it.

We are encouraged to interact with our riders and hold the conversations however politely, for the duration of the ride. The prerogative, however, falls on me to determine the pace of said conversation; if I am not interested, I will leave you with the impression that I am a tad boring, yet competent Uber driver with whom you were fortunate or unfortunate to be paired.

Yh it could go both ways!
Some people hate it when you’re chatty, and others loathe you when you are not.

What interests me?
Matter-of-factly, I have always been a sucker for a beautiful face. I’m not drawn to a lady who feels entitled cos of her beauty, but rather, one that comes across as smart and opinionated in an instant; they can hold meaningful conversations and continually pique my interest for the duration of the trip.

I’m homophobic, but yea, smart looking guys probably living the life I’d love to own. They most likely left their sleek cars at home for some reasons, like shaking off a stalker, evading unnecessary attention or just for want of being chauffeur-driven for a change.

I also get to put my retentive memory to good use.
Considering these accounts are weekly, just like our pay slips, I look forward to recounting juicy details that might creep up somewhere within my week of pickups and countless networking possibilities.


The Perfectionist’s Curse

Hey folks,

I’ve been looking for the seamless things to say; perfectly woven words that would make all the sense in both our worlds, getting people’s rapt attention and holding it for the duration of this piece…but that’s not the way the world works.


We are all striving towards perfection, and no matter how most people feel they’re bordering around it…no one is that close.


So here is all I have to say and trust me I am not thinking it through, cos if I do, the folks at http://www.thenakenconvos.com would present me with yet another writer’s block.


Live in the moment.

For as long as you live, take in the scenery, pen down thought and don’t over flog issues lest it gets tainted, leaving you far from elated (as if life isn’t hard enough)


Truly living is the attitude of those who choose not to be held back by limitations, and the perfectionist’s curse. Those jumbled up thoughts of yours, might just make sense to someone’s awkward situation.


So today, I have achieved two things; I have shown that my blog isn’t quite the graveyard I have portrayed it to be and secondly, you are not the only seemingly confused person out there.


–         WordSmith     –