I’m still the WordSmith*!

I just realized I haven’t really written anything on here since I got this device

its been work, work and more work that I forgot to live for myself

BUT instead, for my job and invariably my Ex-Boss.

Yea Ex,

It ended so soon I haven’t had time to even share the news.

it’s hard to say if it’s on account of many slights, or the deciding one two days to the new year.

That aside


I could be so much more and do equally as much.

There is the option of school in the US

and life happening there on


I take on another desk job or field job,

that I would inevitably get tired of soon enough



I think the ideal thing to do is explore options and trying to make calculated decisions

whilst thinking outside the box

it’s imperative to do so

it’s easy to get constrained by limitations we set in our minds

or that which society subconsciously foist on us.

I’d try to write often

I hear I am pretty good at it

who knows I might even thrive on telling stories for a living


Let’s look on to this New Year with hopes and expectation

2018 is pregnant with a lot


A wise man intimated yesterday at the CrossOver Service,

that we would do ourselves a lot of good by being serious-minded in our walk with God

and watch things beyond our wildest imaginations as of today,

become the norm in our lives.


I went home with that!

Welcome to Our New Dawn


Generous Living Vs. Arrogant Allusions

For some of us, our inability to live generously is not as a result of lack but ignorance

If you take a moment to ponder over this, you would come to see that there is indeed some truth to the statement above. Most times we are just not sensitive enough to the plight of others, and do not make a conscious effort to think about people other than ourselves.

If this picture painted here somewhat depicts your disposition to others, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a bad person or that you are selfish, even though amateur research has shown that there is a rather thin line between putting self first and being selfish.

As our faces are different, so also are our needs

People experience life and its tribulations in varied degrees, therefore, your lowest point might be another folk’s highest achievement. Don’t be quick to resolve that you can’t help a person considering you haven’t solved any/all of your problems.

It might not cost an arm and a leg to change the fate of a kith and kin, or to establish a beacon of hope in that family by merely training a child through school. I know many-a-times, I have considered helping someone and thought to myself that I might not be able to afford it, or be consistent at it. Why? Because I already have an idea of how my life should play out, what certain things should cost and I am usually inclined to extend that same quality of help to others, but in truth, they would be more than grateful for the opportunity, regardless of cadre.

Nothing beats giving another person a fighting chance at life; a focal point, from whence to take off – Meka

I shouldn’t fail to point out that this post was birthed in church yesterday and sermons like this are part of the reasons I love Family Worship Centre, Abuja (FWC). I was so moved by the sermon, and awed by how ignorant I had been in the past, so I thought to share it with you all.

Why are we called to generous living?

One major reason is because it is the nature of God to be generous, and our lives here on earth should reflect it; basically, that is what being a true Christian entails: Christ like.

Another good reason is because it brings about thanksgiving and blessings. We all know that the power of thanksgiving to God cannot be over emphasized. Why? Primarily because we have been instructed in the bible to do so and basically, for the logical ones amongst us, it brings about results.

It is in our best interest to be reminded that everything we have is a gift from God, and without being grateful (thankful), we tend to become self centered and arrogant; alluding achievements to personal effort, and leaning solely on our own understanding.

How can we start to live generously?

This can be achieved by simply taking the initiative. You don’t have to wait for people to ask for help, instead try to be sensitive enough and meet them at the “point of their needs”

Remember praying to God number of times in the past to meet you at your point of need? Be that for someone else.

You have to really care about people or someone to know exactly where it bites the most.

Another good way to go about it is to expect nothing in return.

This is fundamentally because when expectations are not met, it can hamper the zeal to go on; It’d feel exactly like putting in so much effort and getting no commensurate results.

How to live generously?

Be content.

If you never feel what you have is enough to begin with, it would be very hard to convince yourself that you can afford to think about anyone other than yourself.

You would keep thinking about your immediate expenses and making sure that your future is adequately taken care of.

Why are you allowing fear limit you from all you can do for God’s glory?

The Silver is mine, and the Gold is mine says the Lord of hosts

Do you see now that we are merely Caretakers/?

Let’s not forget that all we have is a gift from God and He blessed us for a reason; we were blessed and allowed to live a fruitful life, so that we can in turn be a blessing to a host of others.

We weren’t blessed just so we can hoard it and in turn, make sure that our families have more than they could possibly need.

*& if you feel you have nothing to give just yet and I mean things of monetary value, remember that God deposited a few intangible gifts that count just as much too: your time, your mind and God given talent.

This post has taken too long so I’m going to end it rather abruptly, with a quote from IDontKnowWho

If He is sure it would get through you, it would get to you.

_ WS _

Thanks Dad

Dear father in Heaven,

I know I should start with praises or what I thought was worship (which turned out to be mere name calling) but I choose to start by being thankful Lord.

I thank you for the breath of life and the continued preservation of that life, even when I was least deserving of it. I remember vividly now my encounter with armed robbers, being made to lie down on the scorching asphalt road and how you still came through for me somehow and in the nick of time too; the timely intervention of our normally incompetent Nigerian Police Force played a huge role.

As I say this prayer, my mind tries to envisage the worst case scenario!

I could have been run over by a trailer or a fleeting vehicle, while lying face down on the road or maybe these folks would have had ample time with us and gotten physical, like using their daggers or shooting someone.

Things could have gone differently; they could have been trigger happy, inflicting bodily harm at the least resistance but NO, their priorities were different and concentrated on bags instead of people and for that, I say another THANK YOU.

I haven’t led a model life, which would have explained why my own encounter with robbers for the very first time would be different from the lot, but your GRACE (unmerited favor) is the only valid explanation.

All of you and none of me, Lord; use me as you wish, even if it means relinquishing my free will. I have relied too much on my own understanding and that hasn’t exactly led me anywhere productive. I am nothing without you, even less on my own; use me as you deem fit.

I have thought too much about my tomorrow. I know I have a say in how it all turns out but your direction and purpose for my life is all that matters.

I am done relying on my own understanding, after all, I know nothing.

Freewill; good or bad?

freechoicesIt is not just enough to have freewill, you have to be held solely accountable for the Carte Blanche you have been given over your life and how it pans out.

Most times I sit and wonder what the world would have been like if we weren’t at liberty to do whatever we feel like.

Freedom from control or interference within the purview of the sovereignty of God hasn’t done man a lot of good if you ask me; though, we can’t deny the fact that we have learnt more from our mistakes, than we have within the four walls of any classroom in Ivory Towers.

In line with democracy, free will still exist as you are allowed to do what ever you like, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s right. The power belongs to the people, and as a leader, you must be made to face the consequences of the choices you make on their behalf.

I heard a man on television today made a remarkable statement; he intimated that studies show that the best decision makers are death row inmates, while the worst are lottery winners. That set my mind to wondering why.


Why would a man who has just gained financial freedom, opening him to a whole new world of choices, a poorer decision maker than a man in captive bereft of any hope, save a good last meal? Could it be the superfluity or dearth of choices?

Let this be clear: both men are free to choose.

FWC & the dangers of having one talent

Thanks for taking out time again click on the link I shared or just plain old visiting my blog. I know you didn’t need to but I’m glad you did all the same. As is my M.O when I experience a life changing sermon at the ever wonderful Family Worship Centre Abuja, I am always quick to share it with folks I consider friends since we all are striving to become better people.

Msg: The danger of having one talent (Day 13)
Pst. Wale Afelumo

Let’s start by defining a Talent: a natural ability or aptitude; a capacity for achievement or success, Gifts, aptitude, congenital blessings, and life changing abilities. Also, culled from a parable in the bible in Matt 25:14-30, a power of mind or body considered as given to a person for use and improvement.

The five talent person is born with natural intelligence (innate), and most times born with a silver spoon. They seem to have everything going on for them and outlined below are some of the obvious characteristics of this kind of person.
They are:

  • Awake to opportunities (they see opportunities on every situation, because they have exposure working for them)
  • Generate ideas, and have a mind-set that can create something out of nothing
  • They are adventurers and risk takers
  • Profit minded,
  • business minded, growth, increase
  • They are workers
  • Traders (they see the profit side of buying and selling easily)
  • Always trying to enhances whatever they get

The one talent person is that one not born with a proud pedigree, no good head start in life, no natural intelligence and not gifted in many things – perhaps even went to school late.

Outlined below are some of the characteristics of the one talent person.

  • they are unimaginative
  • Plays it safe always and never takes risks, even a calculated one.
  • They are idlers
  • Possess the ‘Consumer Mentality’

How to know a one talent or five talent person or nation is not by where they are coming from, but rather in how they think; their capacity to think big and actualize their dreams plays a defining. Your story could have started out with ‘One Talent’ taking the preface but you can turn it into a 100 talents regardless.

Don’t allow where you’re coming from to stop you; God has chosen the foolish things of the world to conform the wise.

We’re going to be outlining the ‘Dangers of having one talent

The temptation to despise what you have (1 Tim 4:12)

There is always the tendency to despise the days of your humble beginning. You’re a quick to rubbish the life you were born into forgetting that those experiences just might have been the building blocks for the great man you are to become tomorrow.

It is also very important not to let anybody look down on you and don’t look down on yourself either; you are as far as your mind can see and personally I don’t entertain belittling thoughts or aspersions by anyone. In your mind’s eye, you should see in you the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth.

Some of us are street smart but are too busy despising the situations and experiences that led us to that, that we fail to see the opportunities that lie in disguise. Some rich folks, those born with the proverbial silver spoon most times are not privy to the level of articulation you take for granted; your IQ is an accumulation your personal experiences and it’s a known fact that the best experience is that from sense perception.

The comparison and envy (2 Corinthians 10:12)

If you are in the business of comparing yourself to others, you are unarguably a one talent person and need to change that mindset. You think because someone is in a better job, dresses better and seems to have everything going on for them that they are better than you are?

Things are not always what they seem and just in case that doesn’t help in buttressing this, know that every man was created different and we are unique in our diversity. Be more inclined to embarking on the path less traveled, than walking in other people’s footsteps because the only thing you would achieve is being second best at most, and seeing as different strokes for different folks, you just might fail woefully where others or someone else succeeds.


The temptation of bitterness

You are likely to interpret your one talent to mean that God loves you less, hence secretly complaining about God and forming bad opinions of him. We get bitter at our parents for the live we are subjected to and are envious of people who are making it; this only shows you are a one talent person.


Temptations of idleness and mediocrity

Many one talent people easily give up on life and end up not giving their best shot at whatever they do.

With a looming lack of purpose, it is easy to waste meaningful time that could have been otherwise channeled into something else.


The temptations of lack of productivity

If you can write and you don’t, it would not benefit anybody and you won’t gain anything from it. One of the dangers of having one talent is that it blinds our eyes to opportunities and we end up being unproductive. Instead, look at where you are as your starting point and not your final bus stop, this would help in making you more productive.

All is not lost, you can physically have one talent but have a five talent mind-set and this has the tendency to grow beyond your imaginations.

Whatever God has blessed you with has the capacity to grow.

Your history has no final say on your destiny. Where you are should not stop you from going where you want to.

It’s all in your mind-set and perception.

Don’t give up on your gifts. Never despise your natural flair.

If you believe in it, out of your belly shall flow rivers of life. Put to use what God has given you.

Don’t bury your talents.

It would be your key to something great this year 2015.

Here are a few questions I would like to leave us all here with:

  • What talents have I been given?
  • Why are talents given?
  • Have u developed them?
  • Which or how many have I developed?
  • Which of them have I buried in the ground?
  • Which of them can make me known?
  • Which of them can impact lives and increase God’s
  • Which of them can generate income?
  • What am I doing to hone them or cook them?
  • What am I doing to improve them?
  • Am I in a place where I can deploy them?
  • Am I with the people who would be glad to pay for
    what I have?

It’s time to introspect and answer these questions.

Wishing you all a productive 2015

– Creativity increases by using what you have –

Happy New Year Folks


Thanks to everyone who has ever read a post on this blog and thought it was awesome enough to drop a comment or hit the share button, for you are one of the reasons I still make out to time to pen some thoughts down even when I think my style of writing isn’t good enough or my message lacks substance; it isn’t easy to put yourself out there because your writing is an extension of yourself, so I appreciate everyone who gave me a soft landing.

If you’re reading this now, i’m glad we both made it through to this point and i want to tell you (this is not just me speaking positively) that this is going to be one of the best years of your life. Regardless of the trying times that seem to lie somewhere ahead, we are going to prevail and be an example to others on how sufficient the Grace of God is and could be; it could cause us to reap where we didn’t even sow: remember somewhere in Eccl 2 it is stated that to the sinner He gives the work of gathering and heaping up wealth that He (God) would end up giving to the one who pleases Him – In all things, make sure that your ways are pleasing to the Lord and don’t hesitate to factor Him into your every plan.

As for me, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I added a year on the 27th of December and going by the messages I received from people, there is a significant positive change in the man i used to be and they didn’t refrain from pointing that out; most people seem to think I am a great man in the making, while others think I am already that MAN. I thank God for all the work he has done in my life, praying he continues and keeps me away from those things that would cause me to make a deviate from that path.

Once again Happy New Year, and cheers to twenty fifteen.

– Wordsmitch –

Finding Purpose on Facebook

Going through a friend Jake Okechukwu Effoduh’s Facebook post about purpose and the lack of it thereof, it got me really thinking and I thought to share some of my insights with you. One of the things that stood out from a comment someone posted under it was the fact that if you realize that there is more to your life than yourself, then you have found purpose; it could be speaking to lift the spirits of those broken or helping abused girls find their self-worth, or a myriad other things but the one thing that streamlines it is the fact that you get immeasurable peace that you have in your own little way helped better the lives of others. 

Everybody has a purpose in life; it’s possible to live all your life doing ‘good’ and yet you haven’t exactly lived a day serving your purpose. Its takes the grace of God for you to actually like that which you have been called to do, because most people who find their purpose don’t like it and usually run in opposite directions from their calling. The likes of Moses would give excuses why they couldn’t possibly live up to their purpose – I’m a stammerer, forgetting that the author and finisher of our fate already put all those things into consideration.

Your purpose is what you are best suited for, and if you diligently follow, it would bring you before kings and cause you to constantly find favor in the sight of men. One way to know this is to find that one thing that you are so good at that helps better the lives of others, meeting them at their point of need or bringing them closer to God’s plans for them.

When you find purpose, focus is sharper and distractions are eliminated. Sometimes all hell would break loose to make you deviate from your purpose but you need to remain steadfast – unwavering in your resolve.

I know it might seem like these things that supposedly make up your purpose in life might not necessarily be lucrative, and as such might be frowned up but the truth is that once you make heaven happy your needs on earth would surely be met; there is no investment like that in the things of the Lord. I have never seen a man whose worth was reduced by giving to the church or donating to charity or selfless service to humanity; the laws of seed time and harvest have stood the test of time and would continue – what you sow you will surely reap, most times pressed down shaken together and running over.

According to Jake, he thinks that contrary to what many people think, Life does not need a purpose because life is its own purpose; if the definition of life means exploiting all you’ve got inside, using what you’ve got outside as a tool to make life better for others in one way or another? Then life is indeed purpose.

What do you think? I’d like to hear your views on this Life’s Purpose issue; please use the comment box below. Thanks.

– WS –