Thanks Dad

Dear father in Heaven,

I know I should start with praises or what I thought was worship (which turned out to be mere name calling) but I choose to start by being thankful Lord.

I thank you for the breath of life and the continued preservation of that life, even when I was least deserving of it. I remember vividly now my encounter with armed robbers, being made to lie down on the scorching asphalt road and how you still came through for me somehow and in the nick of time too; the timely intervention of our normally incompetent Nigerian Police Force played a huge role.

As I say this prayer, my mind tries to envisage the worst case scenario!

I could have been run over by a trailer or a fleeting vehicle, while lying face down on the road or maybe these folks would have had ample time with us and gotten physical, like using their daggers or shooting someone.

Things could have gone differently; they could have been trigger happy, inflicting bodily harm at the least resistance but NO, their priorities were different and concentrated on bags instead of people and for that, I say another THANK YOU.

I haven’t led a model life, which would have explained why my own encounter with robbers for the very first time would be different from the lot, but your GRACE (unmerited favor) is the only valid explanation.

All of you and none of me, Lord; use me as you wish, even if it means relinquishing my free will. I have relied too much on my own understanding and that hasn’t exactly led me anywhere productive. I am nothing without you, even less on my own; use me as you deem fit.

I have thought too much about my tomorrow. I know I have a say in how it all turns out but your direction and purpose for my life is all that matters.

I am done relying on my own understanding, after all, I know nothing.


The Lord is taking me places my imagination wouldn’t have thought of in the midst of hope (faith) larger than a mustard seed.


I don’t have a lot to say, but I’m certain this is going to be a good year. Having long discovered the power of positive thinking and speech, I pledge to speak positively into my year and you should learn to do so too. I’m certain this would be a defining year for me, though ‘life changing’ is more like it.


I started out the year by forging new alliances. There is nothing like meeting with like minds, and conversing with people with a robust wealth of experience. I have learnt a whole lot from learned conversations than I have within the four walls of any classroom.


My 2014 would be so great, I’d be left in awe; I’m convinced this would be my year to do great exploits.


First and foremost, let’s set a few of the ground rules.


One of the surest ways through life is to commit entirely to the Lord. He says He will cause everything we lay our hands on, to prosper. What other better way is there to start the New Year?


Watch closely the words of your mouth, for there is power in the tongue. Garbage – In – Garbage – Out, what you give is what you get.


Never forget who you are.

You are completely different from the LOT.


In order to succeed, PLAN, INVEST and establish many strings of income.

Set goals, set timelines and pray about it.


Restructure your mind.

Most of life’s battles are won in the mind

Find that which works for you.


Pray fervently like it all depends on prayer,

Work hard like it all depends on working.


God will never leave you in a state that you can’t help yourself out of.

Folks are usually distracted by their current predicaments, forgetting to look out for the blessing in disguise or that means to an end.


If your will is so strong,

He will draw towards you the resources you need, to do the things you need to do.



You are solely responsible for how your year and life in general turns out.


wife&hussyHey folks,

I’m here to share some excerpts from a Sunday service at the family Worship Centre in Wuye, Abuja. It was both edifying and educative; so I thought to enlighten us a bit, though I’m sure I wouldn’t do much justice to it.


No1: He wants respect and submission.

At the forefronts of what a man wants in a wife, is SUBMISSION and the bible makes that clear in the bible.

Ephesians 5:22-24  

Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit fin everything to their husbands.

We understand that you love us, if you respect us. We want your respect in private and in public. For a man, respect is somewhat connected to his sexual appetite.

No2: He doesn’t want to be constantly reminded that you are better than him.

If for any reason you are earning more than your man, or are better placed than he is, please try and not rub it in his face lest it is likened to emasculating him.

No3: He wants sex as much as possible

Healthy and adequate sex builds intimacy in a marriage; it breeds happier couples. I also think it is worthy of note, to point out that when sex goes or gradually becomes extinct in a marriage, the joy in it also does.

Proverbs 5: 18-19

Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love.

Wives, sex shouldn’t be for manipulation or for reward purposes; I’m sure your husbands would lose their affinity for sex with you if they see it only as a tool for manipulation. There are other ways to get your husband to do what you want; you have his heart, perfect navigating around it to your advantage.

No4: He wants to know he is more important than your parents or siblings

Your husband wants to know at all times that he is number one in your life, heart and thoughts.

Also, you have to keep this in mind at all times; if you sell your husband short before your family and siblings, they would never value him.

No5: he wants you to constantly improve how you look.

–         Men have a visual library in their minds: give him something to remember always, especially when he is on long trips away from home.

–         Men are visually stimulated; if we like what we see, you would like what you get.

–         The way a woman looks, is the reflection of your husband; don’t fall his hand.

No6: He wants to have productive and objective discussions with you

Men would like to have conversations with their wives that are devoid of so much emotion. We would like to discuss work, problems we are experiencing as regards business and life as it concerns us. Emotions becloud that objective sense of reasoning.

No7: He wants you to have kindness on your tongue.

Proverbs 21: 19

It is better to live in a desert land, than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman.

  • Men secretly deal with self-doubt; don’t compound issues he is facing, with your harsh mouth.
  • Praise him, lift him up – compliment him always. Reaffirm continually that he is just right for you.

He, who has grace on his lips, will have the king as a friend. (Esther 8:5)

No8: HE wants a prudent wife; one that would manage money well.

It’s no news that a prudent wife is a gift from the Lord.

Synonyms of Prudent: discreet, sensible, wise, careful, cautious and farsighted.

All that aside, let’s takes the highlights:

A clean house can be taken care of; your husband wants you primarily for himself…for love, care, sex, upliftment and more sex.

COFFEE & My Paycheck

coffee-beansGood morning LORD

We thank You for yet another day.


That we get to make it into every new day

Shouldn’t be a reason to overlook it

I like my gift that is made new every day; LIFE

Looking forward to spending it

In more ways than the last,

I expect unforeseen obstacles…& handle them on-the-go.

God bless COFFEE,

And those farmers who painstakingly select each grain

I dunno if you know this,

BUT each grain of coffee bean has to be hand-picked carefully

Because only the berries at the ripened peak

Are selected and roasted

A Brief Synopsis:

Cultivation of the coffee seed originated in Ethiopia,

In approximately, 850 A.D

The Americas were first introduced to the plants around 1723.

South America is now responsible for approximately 45% of the world’s total coffee exports. Most of this coffee is grown in Brazil.

On days like this,

Whereby I didn’t sleep early the previous night

Or hung out pretty late with the guys,

Sleep is the enemy.

Coupled with the drive back home,

Plus the holdUP I am now accustomed to

Leading right through to one of the suburbs in Abuja where I stay

You have to employ visibly offensive tactics, lest it has you with your back to the ground; totally bare.

So I helped myself to a HOT cup of COFFEE

Now, I can concentrate on what really matters

…earning my PAYCHECK

Ps: Caffeine is addictive, don’t abuse it.