Happy New Year Folks


Thanks to everyone who has ever read a post on this blog and thought it was awesome enough to drop a comment or hit the share button, for you are one of the reasons I still make out to time to pen some thoughts down even when I think my style of writing isn’t good enough or my message lacks substance; it isn’t easy to put yourself out there because your writing is an extension of yourself, so I appreciate everyone who gave me a soft landing.

If you’re reading this now, i’m glad we both made it through to this point and i want to tell you (this is not just me speaking positively) that this is going to be one of the best years of your life. Regardless of the trying times that seem to lie somewhere ahead, we are going to prevail and be an example to others on how sufficient the Grace of God is and could be; it could cause us to reap where we didn’t even sow: remember somewhere in Eccl 2 it is stated that to the sinner He gives the work of gathering and heaping up wealth that He (God) would end up giving to the one who pleases Him – In all things, make sure that your ways are pleasing to the Lord and don’t hesitate to factor Him into your every plan.

As for me, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I added a year on the 27th of December and going by the messages I received from people, there is a significant positive change in the man i used to be and they didn’t refrain from pointing that out; most people seem to think I am a great man in the making, while others think I am already that MAN. I thank God for all the work he has done in my life, praying he continues and keeps me away from those things that would cause me to make a deviate from that path.

Once again Happy New Year, and cheers to twenty fifteen.

– Wordsmitch –

Why waste your youth?

Speaking to this guy (Tochi Okafor) yesterday on the ride home was electrifying in a way that opened my eyes to the important things most of us have been neglecting; being jobless isn’t just about not having a job, but about our minds being unemployed.

Coming to this realization I recognized that I have been jobless for a while despite my 8am – 5pm job. I haven’t pushed myself to do more and be more; it’s easy to get catch up in our comfort zone. Newton’s 1st law of motion states that a body/object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity (continue in its current state) unless it is acted upon by an external force; what extra effort have you put in to push yourself? Are you engaging your mind in positive thoughts?

When last did you think outside the box?

Are you content with where you are now? Are you ok with being average?

Do you think there is more to you than being just a mere employee?


I still think meeting Tochi in my DTS (Discipleship Training School) class at FWC (Family Worship Centre) was fate dealing me a highly favourable card; he is an exact fulfilment of some of my prayer requests for God to expose me to all I needed to know and steer me in the right direction. This dynamic young man is currently thinking about myriad ways to better his life. Obviously he isn’t from a wealthy or comfortable background.

Most times the comfort of this life helps keep us redundant; maybe if I was always in serious need, I would have thought up ways to get better in life instead of the average life I’m living. Some might argue that I am not living the average life but I know I could be so much more and refuse to use others achievement as a yardstick for mine.

It’s in our youth that we are most alive and we have to take advantage of it.

The truth is that before you are 25 life should have already happened.


On my way to work today, I was talking with my kid sister and she cited a practical example; the secretary in her office has been working the same job since she was 35 years and is gearing to retire next year; this means she spent most of her youth tending to other people’s needs, mere existing and not necessarily living.

She has been a secretary all her working career.

Could she have been more?

What that all God had planned out for her life?


Folks are more in tune to Civil Service jobs because of job security; now my question is:

Is it really worth it to be content that things can’t get worse than they already are?


– WS –