COFFEE & My Paycheck

coffee-beansGood morning LORD

We thank You for yet another day.


That we get to make it into every new day

Shouldn’t be a reason to overlook it

I like my gift that is made new every day; LIFE

Looking forward to spending it

In more ways than the last,

I expect unforeseen obstacles…& handle them on-the-go.

God bless COFFEE,

And those farmers who painstakingly select each grain

I dunno if you know this,

BUT each grain of coffee bean has to be hand-picked carefully

Because only the berries at the ripened peak

Are selected and roasted

A Brief Synopsis:

Cultivation of the coffee seed originated in Ethiopia,

In approximately, 850 A.D

The Americas were first introduced to the plants around 1723.

South America is now responsible for approximately 45% of the world’s total coffee exports. Most of this coffee is grown in Brazil.

On days like this,

Whereby I didn’t sleep early the previous night

Or hung out pretty late with the guys,

Sleep is the enemy.

Coupled with the drive back home,

Plus the holdUP I am now accustomed to

Leading right through to one of the suburbs in Abuja where I stay

You have to employ visibly offensive tactics, lest it has you with your back to the ground; totally bare.

So I helped myself to a HOT cup of COFFEE

Now, I can concentrate on what really matters

…earning my PAYCHECK

Ps: Caffeine is addictive, don’t abuse it.